Oh wow, it’s past 6:30am? Though I have “only been awake” since 5:00am, I’ve been busy. I’ve made a pot of coffee, did the Friday crossword puzzle in the Washington Post (avoiding all election-related news), packed most of my camping gear into the M6, and wandered down to the end of my street and liberated an old pallet to be used either in the garden, or given its state the firepit. (side note: I rediscovered that I won a circular saw, which is hand for cutting things like old pallets.)

Still on my agenda is to make/reheat and eat breakfast, clean up breakfast mess, pack my clothing, shower, do some German studying, and finish packing up the M6. Shove off time is scheduled for around noon since the campground is only about an hour’s drive from the ITP Estate. I should be drinking by 3:00pm EST. Woot!

Speaking of camping, I received my parking pass for 2021 in the mail yesterday. When I ordered it last week I kicked myself because I feared I cheated myself out of a month because my current pass is valid through the end of this month, and my order confirmation stated that the new one would be valid from October 2020 – October 2021. Fortunately, whoever punched the parking pass did so that it is valid through the end of November 2021. Get your camping mindset on for next year, I expect to do it more often especially because COVID will probably still be an issue.

Early candidates for my 2021 activities:
– camping
– cycling
– vegetable gardening
– brewery visits
– outdoor gatherings in the ITP estate backyard farm

No news on my knee yet. Unsurprisingly, it still hurts.

Hope you are happy and healthy. Have a fucking (no Apple, not “ducking”, “fucking”) great weekend!

Uh oh, something internal to the blog may be broken. I have neither the time nor skill to work on it…

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8 Responses to 2020-11-06

  1. Bob says:

    Where are you camping? I definitely want to do more camping in 2021. This weekend is the last race of the season for Travis in NICA, what a fun time this has been. Watching Travis get faster and more confident on the bike and the improvement of the kids I was coaching was worth every minute I put in to it.
    Heading down to Milledgeville in the morning for some racing, I wish I could invite Benny to come watch but there are no spectators allowed.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I guess I’ll hash alone in 2021…

  3. Steve says:

    I’ll be off later today to the other side of Athens for a weddin’- the son of one of my core Games volunteer couples. Semi-formal will mean kilt and day jacket- not that I can get into my formal jacket.

    Finally got in touch with an old team mate and his wife. Trying to ride up and spend the night next friday near Murphy, NC, but afraid the weather won’t cooperate.

    Adventures of Brownie. As I was leaving yesterday afternoon to do some shopping, I noticed a deer shank in the yard. Retrieving it, I see there was a box that had been in the carport- “hmmm, what’s that doing there?” Upon picking it up, I see it was hiding the deer’s HEAD! Brownie isn’t as active as he once was, but he’s still got it.
    That boy…

    I’d be in for more camping.


  4. Understand why it’s so quiet now, WordPress isn’t sending me email today. Bugger!!

    Ugh, I can’t post a new comment and expect you can’t either! Unfortunately I have neither the time nor skill to fix whatever is going wrong at the moment.

  5. Steve says:

    Testing, 1,2,3.

    Seems OK to me.

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