Friday the 13th…

Hackathon done. We worked until about 8:30pm putting on the finishing touches. Though we got something working and I learned some Python along the way, I doubt that our project will get us into the top three and earn me a little extra beer money. Because I worked late I missed German class.

This morning I am headed to the Waschsalon to do a large load of laundry that I have been collecting since last week. Sadly, none of my laundry bags contain dirty workout clothes. Ironically I will most likely be making some tough to clean dirty yard clothes this weekend that would benefit from a Waschsalon trip.

Also on my agenda today is a meeting with the orthopedist to review my MRI.

This weekend will contain some Hop Passport usage, about six weeks remain before it expires at the end of the calendar year.

Unfortunately my knee will probably keep me from attending Wheelhopper. Poop.

Have a fun, healthy weekend.

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9 Responses to 2020-11-13

  1. Steve says:

    Up and packed. Will check oil and tire pressure before departing. Where did this damn fog come from? Is it foggy in the city?

    Made a quick run to Outback for my trainer and some new CX shoes. Did get a ride in- I estimate 16 miles, as my cell phone was low and the computer on the bike was working sporadically. Need to look into that.

    An old HS friends wife broke her hip in a fall and just made it back home last night. I took the power recliner we have been passing among the foxhunt crowd over so she could use it. They were quite grateful.

    Will check back in later for the doctors report.


  2. Steve says:

    It lifted coming into town. Beautiful day to head to the mountains. Original Pancake House for a late breakfast.

  3. This irritates the shit out of me, on top of the $550 I had to pay to get the MRI I have to pay an additional $40 co-pay to have the results interpreted for me. Fucking cheap-ass healthcare system. 🤬

    • My $40 is not buying me prompt service either, it’s now thirty minutes past my appointment time and I am waiting alone in a small room.

      • Bob says:

        Healthcare sucks! I wish we could start billing doctors for the time we wait past the appointment time, such BS they make us wait like that.
        I got on to my doctor one day, he showed up like 40 minutes after my appointment started and I asked him why he was late. He said he was on time and I said bullshit, my appointment started 40 minutes ago!

    • Guess who’s going to have to schedule and pay for surgery? Merry Christmas to me! 🥲

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