I guess the biggest news that I can report today is that I ate meat last night. Weeeeell, I ate pepperoni on a pizza that I baked at home, so I sort of ate meat. 😉

After watching Top Chef “with” Betsy I got off the couch and did some cleaning up, mostly of camping gear. The mere task of spending thirty minutes organizing and cleaning gave me such a feeling of accomplishment. I think that I will do more of this today.

I had another long-standing (over twenty years) incandescent lightbulb burn out on me last night. Seems as if I have had a lot of lightbulb failures this year.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Eta which has been pummeling my mother’s city in Florida overnight. I will have to call her today to ensure that everything is okay.

Today is Day 2 for “XYZ Corp”‘s hackathon. My team had a good day yesterday, and I provided more help than I expected, so I hope that we can bring it on home today. I doubt we will win the big prize, but if we manage to finish in the top three I will buy myself something pretty with the gift card award.

If not for the hackathon and my aching knee I’d be out in the backyard at daybreak to take advantage of the coo,er temperatures and saturated soil. Today would be a good day to pull English ivy.

Tonight is German class? That depends on my mood after a long day of hackathoning.

Tomorrow has the potential to be a busy day too. I have scheduled and MRI review with my doctor at the West Paces branch of Peachtree Orthopedic at 12:30pm. I wonder if there are any places from which I can pick up lunch… I am also considering doing laundry tomorrow morning as well at the Waschsalon since I have a number of large items that are problematic to hand wash.

Hope all is healthy and happy with you.

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17 Responses to 2020-11-12

  1. Lurker, would you please remind me of the name of the dumpster company you used? I may be doing some demolition/cleanup in December. Thanks.

  2. Bonnie says:

    My day started off crappy as I somehow deleted all of the items in my “Regulars” list in the Kroger app. I remember it took me a really long time to create that list; it was a masterpiece. If the husband ever gets out of bed today, I hope to go on a decent hike or perhaps bike on the Silver Comet (I don’t think he’s ever ridden on it?). Tomorrow, weather pending, I hope to “test ride” the trails at the Georgia International Horse Park in preparation for Wheelhopper.

    • Bummer!

      Wish I could:
      1. leave my desk today
      2. exercise

      Weather tomorrow should be perfect for riding, assuming trails are open after the rain. We probably didn’t get enough rain to shut them down?

  3. Steve says:

    After brunch at the cafe (they don’t actually serve brunch, but Debbie had lunch and I had breakfast) I made a Lowes run for a light fixture and bulbs. The pantry light, which we leave on all the time, finally threw in the towel. One tube out and one flickering. Rather than diagnose, I just replaced.

    My 60 liter dry bag arrived as well. Ordered when I was thinking of a longer trip on the scooter. I think Bonnie might fit in it- I’m pretty sure Sal would! It will be used on a future trip, for sure.

    Thinking about a trip to Outback to pick up the trainer later.


  4. I seem to be beating the hell out of the batteries in my iPhone and iPad, probably since I seem to use each quite a lot these days.

  5. Steve says:

    Debbie’s desk faces the road and she reported the county was out inspecting my handywork again. I went out to talk to them and got their blessing! They also mentioned we could be eligible for grants from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (who knew?) for sprigging, running water lines and fencing! Your gub’ment at work.

  6. For this hackathon I am having to learn Python. Steve, how did your experiment with that end up?

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