I am certainly not oblivious to the fact that every word I submit to the internet is being tracked somehow. However, there are occasions where it causes me to stop and pause. In one of yesterday’s comments I mentioned eating Bisquick biscuits for breakfast, and somehow later in the day YouTube decided to suggest that I watch a video entitled “19 Amazing Ways to Use Bisquick”.🤔 It was less earthshaking when the Kroger app presented me with a digital coupon for Bisquick, given that I have purchased the product there in recent months.

How can I game this for my benefit?

The rest of yesterday was “normal”. I did a Aldi trip for “three things” — eggs, a certain pasta, and inexpensive vegetables — and wound up spending $62, a paltry sum considering that they didn’t have at least five of the others things, that were not part of the original three, that I was looking to purchase.

The pasta was used in last night’s dinner, a fake baked ziti. If I were to present my creation with a hint of calling it “baked ziti” on Top Chef I would be skewered by the judges, but my melange of pasta, tomato purée, Italian spices, fake meat meatballs, mushrooms, green onions, and garlic cheese curds baked for an hour was pretty damn delicious! As an added bonus my inefficient oven also provided heat for the rest of the house.

Today is a day of work, cleaning up, a little playing in the backyard, and Top Chef viewing, all the while eating leftovers.

Hope you are remaining healthy.

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8 Responses to 2020-11-18

  1. Well that’s unfortunate. Yesterday I received a small metal table that I ordered from Amazon and it arrived damaged. Now I get the joy of trying to return it, a process with which I have had mixed success.

  2. While I download code for my work laptop I’m watching an old documentary about the Traveling Wilburys on YouTube. Odd to think that three of the main five members are now dead.

  3. Bob says:

    The internet is an amazing and scary place! Your microphone is always on, your cookies are being harvested, and they are always watching. The only way out is to go back to a flip phone and do all surfing in incognito mode where cookies are deleted. No saved data, no saved websites, it’s all a privacy trade off. It is just more convenient to be watched.

    Fingers crossed, today is deck framing and footing inspection day. I get to find out all the mistakes I made during construction 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    It was freezing this morning in Virginia.
    I didn’t dress/pack for this. Except for some navigational issues meeting at the barn last night, it’s been fun.

    The house we’re renting isn’t anything special. Just a house in a neighborhood. Sort of odd, but whatever.

    Off now for tack shopping. Oh. Boy.

    – FP

    • It was nearly freezing here this morning so I am not surprised that Virginia is colder.

      I’ve not rented house nor hotel since February, but am interested to see how the process works next week.

  5. Steve says:

    The ladies are riding after shopping at at least 4 tack stores- I lost count. I’ve come back home to chill.

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