Other than my lingering knee pain, which wasn’t as bad as it has been, and the disappointment of opening my new garden work table only to find it damaged beyond acceptable condition, yesterday was alright. In reality, I didn’t do much. I worked, I did about ninety minutes of yard cleanup (mostly cutting and stacking of branches), I reheated food for meals, and I watched Too Chef virtually with Betsy.

It was during the Top Chef watching where I heard a very large BOOM! It was loud, like Bonnie had put too much air into a tire of her fancy-pants new mountain bike and exploded it. 😛 I kid. I kid. But really, it was loud. It was so loud that I mentioned it to Betsy, who simultaneously mentioned it to me, and then we both went online to find out Bonnie, and at least twenty others in the vicinity heard it. To me it sounded louder than a transformer, and more like a gas line explosion. A “first hand” account stated that it was a firework. If it was, that was one big motherfucking firework.

Today? More of the same, hopefully without the loud boom. Once I have posted this blog post I will crack on with a little pre-work German studying, and then it’s time to make the donuts, um, software.

Cheers. Hope all is less explosive in your world.

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12 Responses to 2020-11-19

  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Secondary link in case the image tag doesn’t work: https://images.app.goo.gl/12wqNw5t6tYSM46x6

  2. Steve says:

    Marvin Martian! A favorite. That really must have been quite a firework.

    We were rolling g by 6:40 and at the barn by 7:15. They were going to load up the horses and drive to the kennels to follow them to the start. You can’t get lost following g the huntsman… well you shouldnt.

    I have a ticket to Udvar-Hazey Air and Space this morning and am sitting not far away having breakfast.

    More later.


  3. Walked past another brick house in the neighborhood that was painted. If you don’t like the color of brick, why buy a brick house?

  4. Planting radishes turned into to replanting lettuce instead. Let’s see how the squirrels foil this plan…

    • Huh, I just realized that I was going to plant garlic into the planter in which I transplanted the lettuce. I really need to make a plan to follow. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Apparently to deliver packages these days you have to pass a box crushing test. Three of the last four boxes to be delivered to my house have been crushed, thankfully of those only one has had a its contents also damaged.

  6. Steve says:

    Air and Space was pretty much empty. They appear to be painting certain areas, so a few sections had displays completely draped in plastic and sections were closed. Otherwise, just an amazing place. Had a nice chat with a docent (sp) while he was sitting at home- 2 way feed to the museum. He sits at the house and engages folks who walk by his video display and camera. We chatted about the “Enola Gay” and we agreed the museum was built around it as the centerpiece. They also have an SR-71 that set a speed record from LA to DC- an hour and 4 minutes. When they landed it at Dulles, they handed the Smithsonian the keys! The last flight it ever took.

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