Morning all. It’s “already” 7am, and since I am now just starting to write the blog I am late. Oh, I’ve been up since 5:15am, but making a delicious breakfast casserole (of course adding heat to the house by using the oven), cleaning up most of the dishes dirtied in the process, eating some of my creation, and working on today’s Washington Post crossword have all happened since.

Not much to report from yesterday, same old, same old. If I hadn’t taken so many days off from work recently I’d probably “call in sick” today since I am much more motivated to do house chores than I am to sit around and be stymied by “XYX Corp’s” code. Oh well, there are many bills to pay…

Because I won’t be around much of next week I am restraining myself from placing Amazon orders. No sense having packages delivered while I am not around to claim them.

I have nothing on my docket for tonight, therefore I will probably spend another nice evening a home and turn in early.

Tomorrow is the big day for this weekend. I will get to watch my Bundesliga Team lose to Bonnie’s, ship the damaged garden table back for a refund, and then slightly participate in Black Sheep #800. Yes, a special Black Sheep means a shift in days from Sunday to Saturday.

I am hoping for sunny weather on Sunday because I hope to tackle more yard chores then.

Hope you are remaining healthy and happy. Have a great weekend.

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10 Responses to 2020-11-20

  1. Steve says:

    The girls had a great but very long hunt yesterday, then one of the horses had a bit of a “come apart” back at the barn. Not sure what his problem was, but he eventually settled down.

    No plan yet today. Might drive some Skyline Drive, as the northern point is not far away. Debbie suggested Gettysburg, but for all my time in the South, I’m not a big civil war fan.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy some trekking poles today. I’ve convinced myself they’d be a good thing to have for multiple common-sense reasons, and some I didn’t know existed (snake warning rock tapper! spider web stick! weapon! trash pick up!) 🤷🏼‍♀️ I almost decided to buy a fancy pants backpack that has a real waist belt and more of a real frame (still small, for day hikes) but decided that is overkill and while it would be a lot more comfortable I probably don’t need every creature comfort out there…

    • Just remember, trekking poles are not to used as a Wee Little cattle prod. 😂

    • barb says:

      We have trekking poles – they are very nice to have depending on the terrain. My IT Bands start killing me on downhill hikes after about 405 miles – so the poles can help a lot.

      go for it –
      we also have really nice backpacks – but have never used them – not sure if they are big enough for an overnight camping trip, but I think they are too big for most day hikes I’ve done. 9we found them in TJs stash when they were downsizing, I don’t think he has any idea what all he has, so they disappeared into our garage)

  3. barb says:

    I think, I hope we will make it to Black sheep tomorrow.
    its the plan………….
    Bob wants Allan to help with his deck, we will see which he decides to do.

    I need to get some garlic planted – I keep forgetting, it might be a little late, but what the hell, I’ll try.

  4. Did a couple of hours of yard work, so I am rewarding myself with a relaxing fire, and a few beers.

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