Don’t look now, but we’ve reached the end of the eleventh month of 2020.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend; mine was a busy one, but by and large enjoyable, not even the rain could spoil yesterday.

On Wednesday I drove up to Black Mountain, NC and returned on Saturday. While there I violated a few CDC guidelines by communing with the Raleigh Royalty for a Thanksgiving break. For the most part all activities were held outdoors, but I have to admit that I failed at being completely diligent.

Upon returning Saturday I unloaded the M6 and then took a look around the ITP “future farm”. I was stunned that the garlic, which had been barely sprouting when I watered it on Wednesday morning, had sprouted mightily, reaching heights of 3-4 inches, which I am not sure is good right before a frost. Oh well, at least I am not trying so become a self-sufficient gardener. Saturday night was a much-needed home alone, relaxing and watching the finale of The Great British Bake Off.

Yesterday’s weather be damned, Bonnie and I got together to use our expiring offers. We started with a chilly breakfast at Ria’s Bluebird for which I had a $20 gift certificate given to me last Christmas. As you can imagine, COVID made eating out difficult but the certificate expires in December so it needed to be used soon. We both ate tempeh and biscuits, which I wish I could say was amazing, but it was fine. Afterward Bonnie and I attempted to outrun the rain and use our Hop Passposts in the process by heading north. We drove up to From the Earth Brewing in Roswell (Hi Bob!) and then up toward Cumming to enjoy some beverages from Cherry Street Brewing. Thankfully both breweries, which were more like restaurants in this case, had mushroom heaters to keep us warm whilst we consumed.

Hey Amazon, when I explicitly select a Monday delivery date, deliver my package on Monday! While driving to the breweries I received notifications that Amazon would be delivering packages a day early. Between the predicted rain, package thieves, and the knowledge that they would leave the packages on my front stoop, I was concerned that the boxes would be drenched or stolen when I returned home; thankfully, neither outcome occurred.

Because I’m still injured and tonight’s weather looks like it’s going to be brutal, I will be skipping the Moonlite hash. Instead I intend to run an errand at Home Depot before coming home to ride the trainer for an hour. It’s a shame that it gets dark so early these days, otherwise today would be a great day to pull English ivy since the ground is saturated.

Well, call me late to the party but I just learned that Sean Connery passed away a month ago. Who knew? Okay, everyone except for me I’m sure.

How you are remaining happy and healthy.

UPDATE at 8:35am
Hitting another “Internal Service Error” when I attempt to comment. Not thrilled by this! 🤬

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18 Responses to 2020-11-30

  1. No “free” money for me this Christmas, my hackathon team’s efforts didn’t make the finals. Poop!

  2. Bonnie says:

    I should have ordered the whipped cream with pancakes! 😉 Since I failed to shop (online) on Black Friday—doh!—I hope some things I’m looking for are on sale today, Cyber Monday!

  3. Steve says:

    The pecan chocolate stout/amber Bonnie described on FB sounded really good- might be worth a trip to Cum-ming!

    Debbie decided to be responsible nd not attend TDay with her fam. I spoke to most of mine (my 2 sisters) on the day- haven’t really been in touch with them in some time.

    Friday, dusted off the scooter as well as putting in 30 on the road bike.

    Saturday, I asked what was on the schedule and she asked me to put gutters on the barn!! This has been on my project list for a while, so after a Lowes run (1 of 3), I worked all day Saturday and part of Sunday and completed the task. There was quite the baptism last night- I haven’t looked to see if it’s all still attached.

    And something fell on the house last night- loud enough to wake me, so you know it was loud. About to go see what that might have been.


  4. Bob says:

    I thought I felt a disturbance in the force yesterday when you were close
    There was also a photo of you on Facebook, you are slipping in your old age 🙂

    Steve, I have stopped counting my trips to Home Depot for this deck project. I’m going to be like Norm from Cheers soon when I walk in.

  5. Picked the wrong day to add an errand, specifically going to Your Dekalb Farmers Market. Tree down across Ponce by the train trestle has completely fucked traffic.

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