Another day, another blog. It’s funny that some of the YouTube channels that I have been watching are undertaking “Vlogsmas” during which they are trying to put up a video every day between December 1st and Christmas. As I mentioned yesterday I briefly considered dipping my toes into the YouTube water, but realize that I don’t have the time nor drive to do so.

Yesterday I was able to wedge in 45 minutes on the trainer. In addition to pain-free living (at least regarding my inner left meniscus) I am looking forward to being able to do a range of exercises and sit “Indian style” (I know, I shouldn’t call it that any longer) after recovering from my surgery next week.

After thinking I had accidentally locked myself out of the house after going outside to work the compost and check on my garlic (note to self: you need put some failsafes in place), thankfully I did not, last night was dedicated to relaxation. I made a quick dinner, did some pleasure reading, watched an old Top Chef while texting with Betsy, and the streamed some videos before falling asleep.

Tonight is the final class of this German term. I have registered for the next term, which may be the end of the line for my formal German learning.

Hope you are remaining happy and healthy.

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  1. Kinda weird news. Given my connection to Raleigh I was excited when I stumbled across a YouTube channel from a guy who took over the running of Raleigh City Farm. I expected to be able to watch the channel and instruct the Raleigh Royalty about its progress. Unfortunately this week the guy announced that he’s leaving Raleigh City Farm and returning to farming on his own.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Goodbye iPhone 6, hello iPhone 12! Trying to learn all the new stuff–whoa!

    • My iPhone Xs now feels inadequate. LOL. Actually, I am eligible for an update whenever I get the urge to do so. Perhaps your experiences will encourage me to do so sooner than later.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Coming from an iPhone 6, you’re going to have whiplash from how fast everything loads on your phone. What has stunned me the most about the iPhone 12 is it’s ability to take photos in the dark. I took a shot of the fountain/waterfall in your park on a recent evening, and it’s mind-blowing how clear the shot is. The camera uses some sort of time-lapse, so when taking shots at night, watch for the onscreen indicator to count down. You’ll be blown away by the photo quality.

  3. Steve says:

    After a reasonably uneventful day “at the office” I went back to work on the scooter. I fashioned hangers to hold the new horns and mounted them as well as I could- they are right behind the “headset” so have to be mostly clear of the turning forks. Sufficiently pleased, I cleaned up the new wiring and mounted the relay and hoped nothing new would get in the way of putting it all back together. Set the gas tank back in place, reconnect the fuel lines and gas gauge and start it up- runs fine, but appears to be leaking gas!! Reseat the fuel line quick connects and no more leak. Complete reassembly and only have one screw left over. Start putting tools away and realize I still have one piece of “tupperware” to attach with the leftover screw. All put back together and no leftovers!! I’m pleased.

    A half hour of Zwift- still working through trying to see the course ahead. With no warning, you can suddenly be on an 8% grade, which kinda hurts! I’m sure there’s a way or a screen setting which would help…


    • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      Due to work commitments I am taking a day off from exercise. All of my tender body parts will appreciate a day off the saddle. 😂

  4. barb says:

    hi everyone!
    so busy at work- will it ever slow down????
    I want a new phone, but my iPhone 8 isn’t broken………
    we are working on getting Mary & TJ on our plan, so maybe I’ll be able to get a new phone too?

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