The days come, the days go.
Some days are better than others.
Yesterday was average.

I’d like to hold yesterday in higher esteem, I did get a large delivery after all, but the constant nagging pains (more than just the torn meniscus, which now that I know that I have torn the outer as well it has started to be tender to the touch but I’ll hold off considering surgery for it until it proves to be as painful as the inner) and technical internet failure that dropped me twice from a work meeting and then cut my German class short, dragged its reputation into the mud.

German class wasn’t going particularly smoothly for me, and then the instructor had to reboot his computer because his audio stopped working. We got back running again until we took a short pause, and as I tried to come back from our pause Zoom disconnected and I couldn’t reconnect due to my own shitty internet’s tantrums. My AT&T U-Verse internet, for which I feel I pay too much, has been problematic since we all started staying/working at home. It’s not like I have many options either, hell, I don’t even have a Comcast cable connected to my house since it was ripped off four years ago.

I woke up thinking that today was Monday. How’s that for being out of touch? If it were Monday I had to be certain not to oversleep since I have a pre-operation interview at 7:45am.

Knowing that it is still Friday I am going to try to beat the rain by running, we’ll really driving, to Dollar Tree and Aldi when they open. Shit, the forecast for today’s rain has been pushed earlier, I may get we regardless. I have already decided that I will spend tonight at home, perhaps watching movies after making dinner. Maybe I’ll try to get into a Christmas spirit, it is December 4th after all.

This weekend will bring some fun time hanging out with Bonnie, and on Sunday I’ll be attending Black Sheep #801, which will be my 170th attendance. I used to pride myself in knowing that I had done the trail for all of my Black Sheep run counts, but yeah, you know why that’s no longer true. I’ll try to keep the anxiety of next Wednesday at bay.

And you? Whatever it is you get up to please stay healthy so you can let me know all about your goings on next Monday.

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19 Responses to 2020-12-04

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hang on, you originally told me you had two meniscus tears. Are you saying you are only choosing to have one of them repaired at this time?

    Are you willing to disclose what your “large delivery” was yesterday?

    Sorry that German class was fustercluck.

    • Correct, the doctor said that the outer one didn’t require surgery. I didn’t even know that it was torn until I had the MRI as it never hurt previously.

      It’s a large work table for the back yard. It will be used for gardening and cooking. It’s not constructed yet, perhaps that will get done soon? However I need to do so outside, so not today.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    You are overpaying for what you get with U-Verse. The system is overloaded, and has been for several years now. If AT&T Fiber is in your neighborhood, that’s the way to go. Their fiber isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close. Personally, I’d go back to stone and chisel before I ever give Comcast another penny.

    • Steve says:

      I think a lot of networks are at capacity with everyone at home. We had a bank-wide call Wednesday and the VP was on such a poor connection, you could barely see a picture. The audio sucked pretty badly as well. Our national network team expects lots of folks to still be doing video while in the office (whenever that may be) and wants the wireless network to be able to handle it. I told them it someone is sitting at their desk, they better be plugged into the hardwired network!!

    • I get mixed messages when I inquire about AT&T fiber. Perhaps I need to keep asking.

    • Bonnie says:

      I wish I had choices. Glenwood Park = Comcast. 😢😢😢

    • HamWithCam says:

      I second Lurker’s ATT Fiber motion.
      ATT will “bury” it to your DMARC, at their expense.
      And give you the box, fiber to Ethernet.
      The box does 2.4 and f-a-s-t 5GHz WiFI.
      I get 450+ WiFi on my iPhone 11 Pro via the ATT WAP.
      Wired Ethernet connections are fast (900+), and to date, trouble-free.

      I’d expect you can get an introductory deal, at least for 12 months.
      Worst case, call ATT…threaten to cancel what you have because you’re “moving to Comcast because of dissatisfaction with ATT”… I’d expect a good rate for ATT Fiber will be offered.

      We have ATT Fiber, only, no ATT TV bundle.
      And a “had it forever” One FB landline, TTP.
      We have Comcast for TV.

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

  3. Steve says:

    And I agree with Bonnie- if they are going to work on you knee, they might as well fix it all. Maybe that’s something you should discuss with them on Monday’s call? This suddenly sounds more complex.

    I got onto a Webex call and couldn’t hear anything. I reconnected and could hear, but couldn’t take myself off mute. I later found out he opened the call in “presentation mode” but later corrected.

    Our attempt at eating Chinese last night was a fail, as the restaurant is in takeout only mode. We settled for Tin Drum, Debbie ordered a new soba noodle dish that had the chili on the top- she took out over 2/3 but could still barely eat it and she loves hot!

    A half hour on the trainer- apparently Zwift thinks highly of my resistance settings- I rode for a half hour, it said i did 4 miles, but climbed almost 800 feet. I have finally found some manual settings, so can make my own workouts instead of doing their rides. There is hope.


    • I will discuss the procedure in detail tomorrow.p, and it’s not a call it’s an in-person consultation.

      I haven’t had Tin Drum in a long time. It’s not my favorite, but it suffices.

      Good on ya! I should try to get some trainer time in today.

    • HamWithCam says:

      Definitely consider getting the knee as close to 100% in one shot, if you can.
      You’re going to have rehab and PT

      I hope you’re prepping hard for the PT now.

      So, if the Doctor agrees, it seems to make sense to fix both and make the rehab/PT work for..both injuries, in one shot.

      Daughter Elizabeth (former gymnast) had a similar knee injury and similar surgery to repair (outpatient). For her, the rehab/PT was a piece of cake. She aced everything on Day One but did the full course of PT (I think like 8 one hour sessions) because it was very specific sports-centric PT.

      FWIW, Elizabeth has run 8-9 Peachtrees since, with no issues.

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

  4. Errands done. Made a “quick” trip to Kroger (one item), Dollar Tree, and Aldi. Unfortunately I forgot to buy green onion for tonight’s dinner so I guess that there will be none in it… 😕

  5. Heard today that YouTube has changed its Terms of Service so that channels not large enough to earn money from ads may now have ads on the channel inserted by YouTube (Google) for which the content owner will receive no money. Another reminder that it you don’t own the platform you have no clout. Makes me consider never uploading to Instagram again since I will never receive income from their ad inserts.

  6. Steve says:

    I was watching a YouTube the other day and was shocked at how many inserts there were. Now that they have us hooked, time to turn the screws.

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