Another shorty today because, well, there isn’t much to report from yesterday.

In about fifteen minutes I’ll head out to the doctor’s office for my follow up appointment. Hopefully she likes what she sees and I can move on to physical therapy.

For obvious reasons this weekend will be a low mobility one for me, no hashing or wheelhopper, unfortunately. Look for my grand return in 2021! (hopefully) Perhaps this weekend I can knock out some administrative chores.

Hope you have a fun and healthy Friday and weekend.

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5 Responses to 2020-12-11

  1. I can’t wait to be able to exercise regularly as I am feeling flabby today.

  2. Oh yeah, last night I had an interesting technology battle between my thermostat and the thermostat app on my iPhone. No matter how many times I bumped the temperature down the app remembered the previous setting and instructed the thermostat to return to that temperature. The “solution” was to delete the app from my iPhone and change the temperature using the thermostat’s panel.

  3. Steve says:

    Dont you love technology?

    I had a slightly frustrated day of fencing. I incorrectly estimated the length of the first section. Instead of wrapping around dboth outsides of the H brace, it only does that on one end. It is a short run, so should be fine.

    Eye doctor done for both of us and having breakfast at OHOP.


  4. Back from doctor with a prescription for antibiotics due to a redness under the packing. Biggest problem with that is that I can’t drink for another six days. PT starts on Tuesday, most of my other house projects probably on hold for about a month due to allowing the knee to recover.

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