Seems I’m not the only one dragging today. I am sitting outside the Waschsalon to do three large loads of clothes. However, I am not as lucky as I was last time when I was able to start before 7am, because it’s now past 7am and it has yet to open. This is my third fail already today. I was planning to hit Lowe’s before laundry, but wasn’t feeling motivated to do so. I thought a cup of coffee would help kickstart me, but the coffee machine at Krispy Kreme was “completely down”. And now this.

My weekend was filled with fun as well as a few bits of news that have knocked me down a peg.

Friday night I joined Bonnie on a trip to Marietta for bike repair and Tasty China. It was good to see Steve and Debbie at Barb’s and Allan’s too.

Saturday Bonnie and I made one more Hop Passport stop, this time at the German restaurant and brewery in Stone Mountain. We didn’t eat at the restaurant because we proceeded that trip with a stop at the newly-opened Grass VBQ, a vegan barbecue joint. After having our beers we returned to East Atlanta where we visited Sabbath Brewing for the first time. The brewery isn’t officially open but they were hosting an artists market and selling their beer as well. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday was a hashing day, where I hobbled through 2.5 miles of trail with the other walkers. Before the hash I dirtied my hands in the morning by doing a couple hours of yard work, mainly pulling English ivy and a bunch of tree saplings that I decided I should take out before they grew too large. While it required a little exercise, pulling the saplings was made easier by the English ivy keeping the soil loose combined with the rain we had the night before; I must have pulled at least twenty saplings. I crashed hard and early last night, by 9:30pm I was “completely down”.

Hope you had a fun filled and healthy weekend.

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7 Responses to 2020-12-21

  1. Oddly I have been the only customer at the Waschsalon this morning.

  2. Steve says:

    Lovely to see everyone in attendance at the Garage Mahal Friday evening. Next time, Barb will pick up dinner!

    Saturday was a fencing day. Picked up a couple gates from the store and attempted to install one- wanted to have it able to swing both ways (that’s a hasher from a long time ago) but put the post just a little close. I think I can still make it work, but it will be a bit off.

    Watched a great game between Florida and Alabama. Really could have gone either way. Alabama knows they were in a fight, and Florida has nothing to be ashamed of.

    Sunday, after breakfast at WH, we dared go to the grocery. Kroger was running wide open and it took us 15 minutes just to get to a register. As we had 20 gift cards, which each needed special treatment, we were sent to the customer service desk for those. I certainly didn’t want to hold up the line! Total bill- over $900!! Only about $250 in food!!

    And I thought if I didn’t ride outside yesterday, they would ask for my union card back, so 15 miles on the CX bike. Still haven’t put on the new pedals yet.


  3. barb says:

    good weekend –
    Nice to see y’all Friday night – the deck heater worked well – we wil have more winter outdoor dinners I’m sure.

    I did 2 hashes, that hasn’t happened in a long time.
    AH4/PH# Christmas trail was the typical easy trail, 3 beer stops in about 2 miles. Good to see Dribbles & a few other folks we don’t see very often.
    BSH3 was a good time too – but the almost 5 mile walk with Davey that morning, then the hash wore me out. My lower back is annoying me these days, so standing at circle got to be too much, so I headed home.

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