’twas the day before Christmas and I don’t know if Santa 🎅 is on his way, but heavy rain followed by freezing temperatures are in store for the Atlanta area. Once the rain stops this afternoon I am going to try to cover my plants to protect them from the hard freeze, and then I will keep my fingers crossed that the pecan tree holds onto all of its limbs and stays upright until at least Monday when I can get another quote for limbing it away from my power and phone lines. If my knee hadn’t distracted me I would have gotten on the tree company whose quote I accepted just before Halloween (wow, that seems like a really long time ago now), and then the hurricane came through Georgia and they ghosted me.

For the first time in my life the Grinch arrived in the form of data loss, but it wasn’t my fault, and can only blame Apple? Last night I discovered that some of the addresses in my Contacts are missing. This just happened recently because I looked up one of these addresses recently to send them a Christmas card (one of the four I got around to sending out) and it was gone. From my scanning it looks as if I lost at least five addresses, some of which I have no way of recovering? There is some sort of iCloud Contacts restore, but that will completely wash out any of the edits I’ve made since since that backup was made. Maybe I can look at my Time Machine backups. Ugh.

I do hope Santa arrives, many of his helpers have been visiting this Christmas season at the peril of my credit card balances, and he sees my makeshift Christmas tree made from my coatrack. 😂 I also hope that my garden next year is prosperous because I am certainly spending enough money preparing for it. I’ll have to have multiple years of successful crops in order to recoup my upfront costs.

My knee is still recovering. The PT didn’t think that I had anything with which to be concerned, and he said that everything looked good. We’ll see. I continue to try to no make any moves which torque my knee, and ice it a couple of times a day. Next week I need to make a follow up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to get her opinion.

Yesterday morning was filled with chores — physical therapy (again), Aldi (again, for more Glühwein), and Lowe’s (again, because the M6 can only handle so much cargo) — before I got home and then sat my ass on the futon to relax. I tried to muster the interest in getting more yard work done before today’s weather arrives, but couldn’t. This two weeks of “vacation” are being filled with so many chores and so much adulting that it hardly feels like a vacation at all.

Today I’ll be puttering around the inside of the ITP Estate doing more chores. I also want to start a new daily routine of iOS coding to prepare myself for interviewing again, just in case that has to happen in 2021.

Hopefully Bonnie and I can get together later to share a cup of cheer, which in COVID Times means sitting far apart and consuming beers from our own vessels.

May you have a pleasant and healthy Christmas Eve.

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  1. Steve says:

    As Debbie had a meeting to attend, she left me a list of chores to perform. feed and undress horses, unhitch the truck and pick up a round bale from Bear Creek. My lunch may have been extended for a bit to accomplish all the things, but I was still available by phone and I don’t punch a clock.

    A call from my tech in Jacksonville reminded me of a present I was going to buy. After some searching from the known source with no success, I found it (where else but Amazon) and pulled the trigger. It should hopefully arrive today with another item that will be a new project.

    After some grading along the new fenceline, which is likely been washed down the hill, I went to put the scooter back together with it’s new battery. I also changed out the other quick release on the fuel line to the steel variety. After the pump loaded up the drained lines, the bike started and sounded great! I’m pleased.

    It is currently pouring like I have rarely seen. I cannot see the new fenceline on the back property line !

    A very merry Christmas Eve, friends. I hope you see snowflakes later!


    It is curre

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