Happy Friday and Merry Christmas friends.

Weather aside, yesterday was good. I rode the trainer for a little while, and yesterday afternoon Bonnie came by and we split a few beers while sitting in the carport. Had the rain not returned we would have sit around a roaring fire.

Today? I plan to do virtually nothing.

Have a fun and healthy weekend.

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One Response to 2020-12-25

  1. Bonnie says:

    Merry Christmas to all! This greeting is also from Nigel cat, who is trying to help me type by licking my fingers. 😻 Christmas Eve was indeed a good day spent with the author of this blog. Admittedly I was a bit Grinchy because I sometimes let COVID life protocols get me down, and unfortunately yesterday was one of those days, worsened by the weather. Like everyone else, I am so ready for things to be normal again.

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