The last Monday of 2020. I’m ready to move on…

I’m also ready to get past January 5th so that YouTube stops showing me political ads. I never thought I’d be happy to be served an ad describing a new prescription drug, but it was certainly better than any of the political ads I’ve been forced to endure.

This weekend was another roller coaster ride of a weekend. If not for some family drama it would have been a very cold, but relaxing Christmas weekend.

Yesterday Bonnie and I got one more Hop Passport brewery under our belts. We drove down to Peachtree City to drink at Line Creek Brewing. Actually, Line Creek was our second stop because a certain someone name “Paulie” entered “Fall Line Brewing” into Google Maps and was surprised to see how long it would get to the brewery due to an accident on I-75, so we stopped at Cochran Mill Brewing in Fairburn first, since that would take us down I-85 instead. It wasn’t until I mapped a route from Fairburn to Peachtree City that I realized my initial mistake. Have I mentioned the family drama? 🙄

Today I will be doing some manual labor in the backyard as “productive exercise”, at least until the tree service company arrives around noon. I still have a lot of work to do in the yard to prepare for next year’s planned garden. I almost wish that I had started a YouTube channel last summer to document the process that I have been going through. Maybe by now companies would be sending me free shit to “review” like I have heard so many YouTubers tout. 😂

Tonight I am going to a birthday party at Arches Brewing, but the catch is that the party is a “Circus Theme” so I have no idea what I am going to wear. This is another reminder why themed events stiess me out since I don’t really have costumes and don’t want to buy things to wear one time.

Hoping that you had a stress-free and healthy Christmas weekend.

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3 Responses to 2020-12-28

  1. Steve says:

    Lucky for you, we were otherwise occupied with family stuff or you would have gotten a very large raspberry from us for being so close and not reaching out.

    I only counted “adults” yesterday and I stopped at 20. I will not attempt a count of kids. It was a lovely gathering of Debbie’s family but we’re both glad Christmas is over.

    Saturday was the Boxing Day hunt and we road whipped with Eddie and Roxanne. After taking a lap around the Bear Creek area- 13 miles if my bike rides are any indication, the hounds dispatched a coyote. I don’t like it when the hounds win, I much prefer they play to a draw, but it is hunting after all. Catered lunch, Boxing Day gifts to “staff”- Debbie got included this year as secretary emeritus and website maintainer. All good fun.

    Christmas Friday was very quiet with a little cooking, and lots of classic movies. Remember, Debbie’s idea of classic movies does not include anything black and white, so it was a bit of a reach for her to sit through “White Christmas”. I also watched “The Man Who Came to Dinner” and it was a hoot.

    And that little explosion in Nashville?? Just happened to knock out our communication to our office there. Now all re-established, but it’s been a long time since I took a work call on Christmas!!


  2. Steve says:

    No worries, dick!! 🙂

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