There needs to be another level of “First World Problems” for my dilemmas. Last night I found that magically my lost contact addresses have returned, but then after rebooting my iPad all of the tabs in Safari and Chrome had been closed and lost. Ugh.

Yesterday I met up with Bonnie and we walked up to the East Atlanta Village to get lunch. Being a weekday during COVID our opinions were limited, so we selected Flat Iron. After perusing the menu and finding something that sounded delicious, I was informed that I was looking at the old non-COVID menu. Dangen! But, an Impossible Burger was located and ordered. I was so full by the amount of food I ate at lunch that dinner was little more than snacking on cheese and crackers.

Today I am going back to my office neighborhood to visit my optometrist. Beforehand I am going to take advantage of the last nice weather day this week to get some more yard work done. Another factor in my backyard saga is my acceptance of the offer to get my tree work done, and, if no family drama occurs before Thursday I’ll be shelling out a sum of money to get the deed done.

Hope you are well. Tomorrow I should write a recap of 2020. We’ll see…

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  1. Just completed a twenty-minute walk on which I liberated a wood pallet that someone had thrown into the end of Brownwood Park. If I can’t use it in the garden space, it will become fuel for the fire pit.

  2. Quick run to Lowe’s completed; more money spent on the backyard. I wish I had remembered to bring the items that I wanted to return for credit…

    Also stopped by Hodgepodge Coffee and added some high-potassium foods (now a no-no for me) to the free food pantry.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I’m afraid to look at the weather because regardless I likely have to spend today indoors doing chores before the husband comes home for a 24-hour stopover. My house looks like the aftermath of a teenager whose parents have been away on vacation for 2 weeks. Whoops.

  4. Steve says:

    Apparently the party was at Bonnie’s and no one knew.

    Back from the doctor who agreed with Dr. Google and said “golfers elbow” and sold be a brace and gave me some exercises. The few times I have been to see an orthopedist, I always feel bad because I’m “wasting” their time with my piddling little pains and lots of people in the waiting room are on crutches or in wheelchairs.

    A fairly productive day at the orifice yesterday. My plan for testing the new switches on just one of 4 power supplies worked perfectly. After jumping through hoops to load the latest OS- actually back out to an older version, we were rocking along.

    And no 2 hour commute!! 75 mph all the way in.


  5. I think I need to have my head checked. In improving the rectangular area meant to be the garden plot prior to trying to start to level it today, I found the old brick path that I knew existed but have never seen. So, I decided to start clearing it to see exactly where it goes! Many hours of digging, and hitting large roots of a very pretty wood, I am about ten feet down the path with another twenty or so to go. 🙄

  6. Steve says:

    Testing the new Bluetooth keyboard… I like it.

  7. Steve says:

    A cheapie off Amazon- Fintie.. just the size of my iPad.

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