To say that things happened in 2020 that I never would have imagined is understandably an understatement.

And then take yesterday…

I went out to the backyard to do some work, including start leveling the ground on which I intend to put my vegetable garden next year. Because I am who I am, I strung a line demarcating three sides of the plot, and it didn’t look quite right. So, I went to one of the pieces of rebar marking a corner; I pulled it out from where I had hammered it in, moved it a little, and went to hammer back it in. Then I hit something hard. I tried again, and hit something hard. I knew deep inside it wasn’t a root… I should mention that many years ago I discovered that there is a brick path that I believe runs from the garden gate to the brick patio, but I have never seen. I fetched a trowel and dug where I was trying to hammer in my rebar, and lo and behold I found brick. Like an archeologist I stopped the original plan and made a plan to uncover the new find. Thus far I’ve uncovered about eight-to-ten feet of brick path and hit many stubborn roots along the way. I am hoping that I will not regret my decision to uncover the path since this will most definitely change the arrangement of the vegetable garden.

Yesterday I had my annual eye exam. By and large everything is fine, and I am waiting for them to email me a receipt and my prescription. Of course after everything looked fine with my left eyelid yesterday afternoon, last night it became a bit irritated.

Later this morning (it’s now 5:00am) I have what may be my last physical therapy session. I have permission for two more sessions, so I may return next week. Today I also should schedule my follow up appointment with the orthopedist.

If the rain holds off, and my muscles are not too sore from yesterday’s hard labor, I might get back out in the yard to uncover more path today.

Normally I’d wish you a safe New Year’s Eve, but obviously this year’s edition won’t be nearly as raucous as in year’s past. Be safe regardless. See you in 2021.

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5 Responses to 2020-12-31

  1. Steve says:

    Brick path to where? Your backyard isn’t that big, as I recall.

    I received a call from the ortho’s office, trying to schedule a follow next week. I think a follow up is fine, but let’s shoot for 2 weeks and let me do my PT and see if I’m getting better.

    Yesterday, I spent some quality time on the tractor, doing some grading and moving things that will be in the way of some fence lines. If the weather holds off, I may be able to complete some fencing this weekend. It was pretty slippery trying to grade, but drilling holes should be fine.

    A half hour ride on the trainer. Looking for suggestions on Netflix. Just finished “Last Dance” about Michael Jordan- really well done, and while I’m not a huge BB fan, it was still a lot of fun.

    This way, 2020 and don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.


  2. Done with as much hard work as I can do for the day. Oh, it’s not even lunch time? Nice!

  3. Steve says:

    FUCK ME! I’m actually having to work! Benn on a problem call since 10:30. Ugh.

    I hope your NYE is uneventful.

    See you in 2021.

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