Knocking out a quick blog post today since I am going to the Waschsalon (!) and then into the office (!!) at least for a couple of hours. Last week we were told that we should ensure to remove all of our personal affects by the end of the month. Though I made an initial pass back in December, today I will do a final one.

The reason I need to go to the Waschsalon is because I have a load of clothes covered with Georgia red clay from my backyard. My progress to complete uncovering the brick path, and marking out and leveling my garden space has been glacial due to encountering so many roots. Bob, I will say that the digging bar I bought on your referral has been very helpful. When I am done uncovering the brick path I will have to figure out how to fix the spots that have become uneven due to the roots that have grown through and under it.

After spending about three hours in the backyard during the freezing cold yesterday, some time was spent around the small fire I built to warm my hands and feet, I finally gave up. I assumed that after a warm shower and rest I’d be heading out to meet up with the hash. But that didn’t happen. Realizing that I would be spending the day at home, I went back outside for a couple of (thankfully warmer) hours and chopped up downed branches. Holy shit do I have a lot of cleanup work ahead of me…

It was good that I did yard work yesterday because I shirked it all day Saturday. Before the sun had even considered rising I had paid visits to Kroger, Lowe’s, and Target at Edgewood Retail District. Later in the morning I picked up Bonnie and we did the budget-conscious trifecta — Dollar Tree, Value Village, Aldi — but not on Moreland, the ones on Memorial. I found items at each, but Bonnie was the day’s big winner buying two pairs of Vasque hiking shoes. Neither of us were intimately familiar with the brand, and when I used my iPhone to look up Vasque I discovered that each pair of shoes that she was trying on retailed for around $180 (!); I don’t recall how much Bonnie paid for each pair, but I think it was in the $13 range. Granted the shoes weren’t brand new, but they were in extremely good condition.

Saturday afternoon found me at Betsy’s house, backyard really, where a Christmas tree fire was built and Chinese food was consumed. Because we are all so much older now, the gathering was over early and I was home by 8pm (!). 😂 I probably was able to stay awake until almost 9pm (!) 😂😂.

Hoe you were able to stay warm, happy, and healthy this weekend.

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  1. What the heck is going on at Krispy Kreme? Again they had no coffee, the woman told me the closest they had was a cafe latte. WTF?!?!

    And of course I’ve beaten the Waschsalon attendant to work again…

    • And when the attendant finally arrived I turned around and discovered I had left a bag of laundry at the house. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      A trip home and now I have finally started laundry.

  2. No hare nor start has been listed for tonight’s hash, and it’s supposed to be raining today, so it appears that I will have another Monday night at home.

  3. HamWithCam says:

    FYI: Vasque is/was a high-end “real deal” hiking boot. I have had a pair since “the mid-1970’s”, which have served me well in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and all up and down the AT. My boots are still going strong today. I think I paid $75 (in mid-1970s $$) at High Country.

    Depending on the model, etc. Bonnie got a steal.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Steve says:

      No kidding HwC! And I’m a little shocked that neither of you two recognised the brand. That is a major score.

    • I’m a hasher, not a hiker. 😂

    • Bonnie says:

      One was $8.99 and the other was $10.99. One is missing the inserts but that’s no biggie. They could be VERY old, but look to be in “worn once” condition. Could the glue give out once I start wearing them? Sure. But I have shoe glue… There are no indications of failing glue yet.

      • Steve says:

        They really sound like a deal, and probably something the “cobbler” could repair if basic glue doesn’t work.

  4. Steve says:

    There was some fence work done this weekend, and some post hole drilling. I seem to recall eating dinner Friday evening and leaving my togo box on the table.

    Debbie and I worked yesterday to install a line of T posts. It is so much easier with 2 people. The bucket just presses them into the ground which saves wear and tear on my still hurting elbow. As long as you can keep them plumb and not drive them too far in.

    Rode the trainer a few times. Managed to lower my PR on the Richmond Worlds course by 2 minutes! I don’t think I rode that much faster, just smarter and didn’t blow up at the end.

    College Football Championship tonight! I hope for a good game and Alabama on top, It really should be. RTR.


  5. Huh, just saw that Cleveland beat Pittsburgh last night. I’m sure that made fireman Allan happy, and my buddy Shelby sad.

  6. Bob says:

    I’m glad that digging bar worked out, it is such a game changer. Makes digging SO much easier.
    2021 seems to be the year of financial ruin for me 🙁 While trying to pay off the deck project my dog needed surgery, truck needed a major repair, and we are getting a new water heater. I may need to go in to financial lockdown for a while.
    BTW Kona is OK she just needed a couple lumps removed.

    • Steve says:

      That always seems the way, doesn’t it. Glad Kona is doing better.

      Brownie is showing his age. He’s on 2 daily meds and is less active, but still recently had artistically arranged an outdoor dog bowl and a horse feeder, and included some deer bones for a bit of added panache’. He’s still got it.

    • Sorry to hear that, Bob. Hope better luck finds you soon.

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