Doing this “old school” today by entering text via a keyboard attached to the computer known as my laptop. Why? Because my iPad is charging and I don’t want to interrupt that.

Yesterday was an okay day for me. In addition to 9-5 worky-work, and seeing Bonnie, who took away all of my CHaRM recycling, I did some yard work.

The problem with recycling is the same problem one has with laundry and dirty dishes — the minute you think “Yay, all gone” you generate a new collection. And thus, I now have plastic bags, glass, and perhaps some scrap metal that the City will not take.

My yard work yesterday was “interesting”. Sometimes I believe that I suffer from a mild case of ADHD since I start many tasks but rarely finish them before moving on to another task.

Because “growing season” will be on us before we know it, I needed to get outside to mark my planting area and start vigorously clearing the ground so that it can be leveled, as in made level for the garden beds and paths. Once leveled I can then place the raised beds and lay out the paths around them. The thought yesterday was “Mark a 13-foot square (I now have a new layout from when I was marking the rectangle which unearthed the brick path — another half-done job) and then garden fork the fuck out of it to make it easier to level soon. Yesterday my geometry failed me, on what should have been a simple task. I hammered in two pieces of rebar thirteen feet apart. Then per my calculations for the square’s hypotenuse:
13^2 + 13^2 = 338
√338 = 18.38
which works out to be approximately 18′ 5″

Simple enough, right? Not for me. Every time I laid out what I thought was the correct hypotenuse length the box was wonky.

After a few attempts I said “FUCK IT!” (internally) and proceeded to reduce my anger by garden forking the fuck out of the ground that lays within an area I know will be garden. Of course I hit some rocks, and roots, many, many roots. But the garden fork is a devious tool and works well to expose the roots and loosen the soil so that roots can be yanked. While doing this task one of the neighborhood birds came back around and watched me work while occasionally snacking on a worm or grub that I had unearthed for it. This bird, a rather brazen one, comes quite close to me to dine. Hell, for all the hard work I am doing to feed it, it might as well be my pet. 😂

The network of roots in my back yard is amazing; as I pull one sizable root I encounter others crisscrossing it to make extraction very difficult. As darkness began to fall I had to admit defeat, clean up my tools and boots, and leave the ground and roots that I could not extract for another day (today?). In all I think I got about 40% of my plot forked, but even in that area I will have to return to finish forking and begin leveling.

I discovered that this is even more exercise that ivy pulling! Though you’d never know if you only referenced my AppleWatch which only credited me with twelve minutes of “exercise” for my over-two-hours of yard work. Maybe by next week’s weigh-in I’ll be down to 185 pounds! 🤞🏼

Oooh, because I am on a laptop it’s easier to include a photo! Here is a photo I took yesterday morning:

Channeling Edward Weston with My iPhone
I bought this garlic to eat, but it has a different idea about its future. So, I will be planted this week instead.

Today? Perhaps more of the same, adding an hour of TV watching “with” Betsy; tonight we move on to “Top Chef New Orleans” since the All Stars 2 season from earlier this year has yet to make it to Hulu.

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.

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20 Responses to 2021-01-13

  1. Steve says:

    Wonky, how? A squared + B squared still = C squared, even in EAV.

    A quiet day here with Debbie in the actual office. She stopped at Costco on the way home- I can see where this could be a problem. We are now overstocked with meat.

    After work, I made a contribution at the feed store. They should be sending Christmas cards for years to come considering the amount I’ve spent recently. They might get even more if they sell me the landscape rake (tractor attachment) they have. He was checking on the price.

    Games Zoom call last night. Planning on October but realizing it may be a completely different ballgame. Let me throw this question out to the blogosphere- what would it take for you to feel comfortable attending an outdoor event such as the Games? Or would you not even try? Consider we are still 9 months out…


    • I did the math correctly but when I pulled the tape measure to that length I never got the corners square. I’ll try again.

      I’m fine with outdoor events even today. I
      Must be since I go hashing and to breweries and sit outside.

      • Steve says:

        So, would you feel comfortable at an outdoor concert with a bunch of strangers, some potentially unmasked, from all over? Would there be expectations of the event organizer that would make you feel more comfortable?

        (even considering hashers, I think they have pretty much been behaving themselves.)

        • ITP Lurker says:

          No way, no how, not this year on concerts for me. I’m OK with eating outside at restaurants with social distancing. A concert is a whole different ball game, and you can end up in a situation where you’re mashed up into a bunch of people for whatever reason. There’s just too many variables in a big crowd of people versus choosing a specific restaurant where you know the lay of the land.

          I might change my tune once I can get the vaccine, but I’m not counting on it getting distributed to a large enough critical mass of people this year. It seems to me that since the 1918 pandemic lasted about 2 years, we should expect at least the same for this one as well.

      • I’m not sure the hashers have been behaving themselves as much as you think…

        I would be comfortable outdoors with strangers as long as I could have ample space, but that’s a “me” issue. Depending on the vaccine’s success by then I may be wearing a mask around people still in the Fall, as much as I hate to think about that.

        I don’t think we should hold organizers to any standards, all people should determine their own level of comfort and act accordingly.

  2. Bonnie says:

    You said “FUCK IT” internally? Look at you, classing up the neighborhood… 😉

  3. Bonnie says:

    Steve, I’ve been trying to formulate an answer, but I’m not sure! Yes I participate in outdoor activities currently, but not really any “big” ones. However, I do plan to attend Spring Tune Up in April (if it happens), but I won’t immerse myself into the whole event like I did last year. However, if people really start getting vaccinated then that’s a BIG step in the right direction. I was hoping by fall things would be trending much more toward normal. Once personally vaccinated, I haven’t decided when I’m going to rip the bandaid off. I really want to support local endeavors, business, arts, etc. because as we all know they are doomed without support. But finding the right balance, yeah, that’s a hard one. Sorry I’m not more helpful. As I frequently tell Paulie, FUCK COVID!

    • Steve says:

      I believe your thinking is accurate and not uncommon, and I feel similarly. While we go to hunt events, we keep our distance and certainly no hugging. I have hope that things will be better by Fall, but my crystal ball is a bit cloudy.

      And thanks for your $.02, Lurker.

  4. barb says:

    Breaking news – Allan is getting me in to get a covid vaccine – today. So many CoA people aren’t getting theirs – so he asked, & they said – come on!
    So off to Mercedes Benz Delta 360 club I go soon.

    • Whoa. Good luck!

      I don’t know why I am still slightly nervous to get the vaccine, but I am.

    • Bonnie says:

      Lucky! I doubt “XYZ Air Lines” will embark on that line of thought…

      • Barb says:

        All they ask is for my name on the list, it wasn’t, I said I’m with Atlanta fire my husbands inside working, then they said go in. And then he met me and talked me in. Air didn’t take long at all. the rest of it it was fine I’m done. yippee

    • Educate me, what does getting the vaccine actually do?
      Prevent you from getting it?
      Prevent you from spreading it?
      All of the above?

      • ITP Lurker says:

        The vaccine has 95% efficacy on preventing you from getting it. It’s not clear yet if it prevents you from spreading it. You do need two vaccine shots roughly a month apart to get the full benefit. It’s not clear yet it’s a one-time two round dosage or if we’ll have to have annual shots like we do for flu shots because the virus is morphing.

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