Yesterday I spent another three hours, roughly, working my small 13’x13′ garden plot; that’s how many roots I continue to encounter. One of the roots I pulled was actually quite pretty, kind of purplish in outer color with a stark white interior that I discovered when I accidentally peeled some of its bark (?). This root was at least fifteen feet long (!) because that is about as much as I got out of the ground before using the digging bar to sever each end. Yesterday I worked until muscle exhaustion arrived, which occurred about thirty minutes before sunset. It’s pretty easy to say that I haven’t done two consecutive days of such hard labor since I worked as a truck unloader / stock boy / bicycle assembler for Toys R Us when I was nineteen years old in 1984 (!!).

You won’t be surprised to read that I fell asleep fairly early, and slept pretty solidly last night. Sure, I woke up a handful of times but that’s normal for me.

Though I am not really looking forward to the resumption of German class tonight, I am looking forward to taking today off from doing manual labor to give my body a day to rest. Depending on how things go this quarter, I may decide to take a break from German classes after this quarter’s completion.

That’s all that I think I have for today. Hope you are remaining healthy and happy.

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7 Responses to 2021-01-14

  1. Steve says:

    A fairly productive day. After my actual workday ended, I did some board fence work around the barn. Drove another corner post and then hung the fence boards. I do love me some framing nailer!

    With just a few minutes to warm up, I attempted my first race on Zwift. Although I thought I signed up for the D category, I was in the A field. Also, I was unfamiliar with the course. Shortly after the start, the course went into a series of rollers which took my speed down quickly. I watched the field ride away… I did complete the race and would have done OK in the correct category, but at least I now have a placing. 7th of 7! Otherwise known as DFL!!


  2. barb says:

    tried to get motivated to start organizing for the weekend- but wasn’t very successful. Tonight will be busy. But- we won’t leave until noon, so we have plenty of time tomorrow morning to get our Shit together.

    My next door neighbor’s chickens are finally laying eggs – I got my 1st dozen from her last night. Will be nice to have really local eggs.

    and – my arm is a little sore, but that’s the only side effect of the vaccine shot.

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