Although in the grand scheme of things all of the issues that angered me this weekend are minor, they still managed to make my weekend less than stellar.

Today is a paid holiday for “XYZ Corp” which is nice, especially since the money will be spent soon. I may use the morning to do some community service picking up trash with the hash, or I may spend the morning in the back yard attempting to get close to finishing my garden plot project.

Tonight’s Moonlight hash with a 6:0pm start in Brownwood Park, so I will go to get in a walk tonight.

Hope you had a better weekend.

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One Response to 2021-01-18

  1. Steve says:

    Saturday in the orifice went very well. I had a list to accomplish and ticked every one off in quick time. Out around 1, I thought I would treat myself to some Varsity. I’d heard they had a drive through set up, but it looked to be a CF, so passed.

    Raced another Zwift crit Saturday evening and got 2nd. Actually racing in the right class helps.

    Sunday was a fencing day, with one long section completed. Today will be some short pieces to seal up the remaining gaps.

    Happy MLK Day!


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