Starting my work day early today, 6:00am, in hopes of getting out into the backyard to keep chipping away at my garden plot project. I may have a late-afternoon meeting which will throw a wrench into my plan.

Of course I could have done work yesterday but chose to hang with the hashers picking up trash for a few hours out on Cascade Road at 285, and then head over to Wild Heaven Brewing at Lee+White for a little reward. The tragedy of the day was when the wind swept my half-filled beer from the table onto the ground. 😢

After recuperating with a nap, I managed to rally myself to go to the Moonlight hash. Have I ever mentioned how tired I am of being injured (rehabbing at this point), cold weather, and COVID? These three conspired successfully to thwart my night. I was bundled up like I was going into the Arctic, didn’t do any walking, and then decided to go home instead having dinner with the hash since the ending was indoors and I am not ready for that yet.

I’m hoping that the City picks up my yard waste bags this week since they didn’t last week and at least one dog walker thought that it was cool to deposit their bag of dog shit onto one of my yard bags.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 187.4 pounds (0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); meh.

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6 Responses to 2021-01-19

  1. Steve says:

    I finally pulled the trigger on a landscape rake from Tractor Supply. Was trying to buy from my local feed store, but he would never get me a price on his. I hooked it up and diddled about and it will work perfectly. Roots, rocks and debris will be piled up easily.

    Got a good steady ride in last night. 45 minutes. There are dinosaurs on parts of the course I rode. I think they should cross the road and you should sprint past them.

    And I’m pretty sure you aren’t in your backyard working at 0600, as it’s still quite dark.


    • And I chickened out on spending $300 on flooring for what will become my garden and bicycle workspaces in the basement. There was a sale going on, but I couldn’t convince myself to pull the trigger for it.

      I have more expensive repairs / improvements coming, which scared me off… for now. Perhaps I’ll shop around?

      You are correct, I was not outside with a headlamp doing yard work. I was at my work computer at that time so I can quit for the day at 3:00pm assuming a meeting doesn’t get scheduled for this afternoon. I certainly hope not as this afternoon should be a cracking day to be outside, even if it is wielding a garden fork, digging bar, and tamper, not all at the same time of course. 🙂

  2. City of Atlanta trash services have been by and have cleared my curb of yard waste. Woot!

    • Steve says:

      Boy oh boy, it’s the little things in life!

      I’m excited I just got my oil changed. It was almost exactly 10,000 miles and 11 months! Amazing how little you can drive during a pandemic.

    • I’ve not taken the M6 in for service since before Shelter in Place. It’s nearing 75k miles, so I am starting to think about scheduling that service soon.

  3. My (new) boss said he tested positive for COVID on Sunday. Glad that I am not going into the office currently, otherwise I am sure I would have interacted with him.

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