My final post of January 2021 is happening surprisingly “late” for me. I couldn’t understand why my alarm clock was going off so early until I realized that it was actually 5:15am. That’s not to say that I slept through the night, but I really thought that it was closer to 3:00am than 5:00am when I awoke.

It’s now 6:20am and I am already “at the office” so that I can kick off early and work the backyard this afternoon. The clay should have dried out a bit since the big rains this week, let’s hope that between today and tomorrow I can shovel and sculpt it to get more pavers laid (lain?) and perhaps a garden bed or two in place. I have three more garden beds to set in this construction and then I will devote time to cleanup and organization of the backyard before attempting another project. 😀

This weekend there will be fire, I have so much tree debris to burn.

Last night’s German class was once again fraught with technical problems, however this time it wasn’t my issues, but rather the instructor’s internet kept locking up. (side note: The internet coverage in my home office is annoying me already. Perhaps I will start investigating updating my hardware and/or internet provider. Mo Money! Mo Money!)

Prior to class I whipped up an amazing batch of shells and cheese. My secret ingredient is using a copious amount of Clancy’s Cheese Dip from Aldi, which has the consistency of Velveeta in a jar. How one could use it as a dip is beyond me, perhaps it needs to be heated before doing so? Regardless, I’ve found a good use for it.

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d reveal a couple of new things in my life that have made me happy this week.

The first of these is the show htmla Letterkenny. As person who has never warmed up to Schitts Creek it’s a bit surprising that I would take to Letterkenny, but I have. The schtick of “Letterkenny” may wear out quickly, but if you have access to Hulu and can stomach their ads, I suggest giving it a go.

The second thing are the grippy “house socks” that I bought this week. I have slippers that I wear around the house, but in the dead of winter (as much winter as we get inside the perimeter) I still need to wear socks to keep my ankles warm. 🥺 I bought three-pack of “wool looking” socks, I’m sure they are some sort of polyester blend, that have rubber spots on the sole to stop slippage, and they are fantastic. At the price I paid these won’t be handed down to non-existent offspring, but I’ll get some good wear and tear out of them.

In an attempt to quiet the screaming of the tendonitis in my right elbow I am also wearing my new elbow brace. I have my doubts, but time will tell if this does anything beneficial. I have bought two braces for my knees as well in anticipation of hashing again some day.

I will be blogging from the M6 dealership on Monday morning. The M6 has surpassed 75k miles and is overdue for “routine” maintenance. I only hope that this will not be an expensive visit…

Have a healthy and happy weekend, friends.

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17 Responses to 2010-01-29

  1. My COVID test result came back this morning — negative. This was the expected outcome, but I’m glad to have official “confirmation”.

  2. I want to get a rain barrel to collect water for plants. Do any of you have experience building and/or buying one?

  3. Steve says:

    Glad you are negative… for the Covid! And your owners manual for the M6 should have what work is to be done with a 75k maintenance.

    A fairly quiet day yesterday. I got a dongle to connect my iPad to my monitor when I Zwift. While the picture has a bit of loss, it isn’t too bad. Rode 3/4 of a hard workout- 30 seconds at 465 W followed by a “break” of 2:30 or so. This looks to be a good benchmark for fitness and recovery, so my next step will be trying to get through the whole thing!

    We’re off to Middle Georgia tomorrow morning for a little fox hunting. Fortunately, we don’t have to get up at the butt crack of dawn- just leave by 7. Another “non-riding husband” will be there to road whip with and that will be fun.

    You know, they “give” those sock to you when you’re in the hospital?

    Have a great weekend!


    • Yeah, but I have a feeling the M6 might need a little more care than what the book suggests; just a gut feeling.

      I was in the hospital and they did not! Besides, buying them from Amazon is much cheaper. 😀

      Enjoy the hunt.

  4. Bob says:

    You know you are old when you are beaming about a new pair of socks right? 🙂

    Rain barrel construction is simple and barrels can be found at farms. I bought some from a farm in Cedertown for $5 I think. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to build.

    Maybe Steve can find one at a local farm down south?

  5. barb says:

    damn I’m behind on everything – people need to stop buying sporting goods – Dicks & their shipments are killing me. this has been a horrible end of the month.
    (I guess i need to read back as to why Paulie is got a covid test…..)

    Allan got his 2nd shot yesterday -I’m hoping to go downtown next week Wed 2/3 to get my 2nd one. Allan plans to “volunteer” so that will make it easier – but with a card that has that date, I would think it wouldn’t be that tough. But – best laid plans……..

    Maybe, just maybe I will make it to Black Sheep Sunday, but with Allan working, not sure I will roadtrip to Yellow River (but riding out there would be fun)

    • Short response to your query is that one of the people with whom I hung out picking up trash and drinking beers was exposed, so I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t playing a Super Spreader role.

    • Bonnie says:

      Barb, that was me! The husband had COVID (no symptoms). I was mainly concerned for Paulie because we carpooled (masked, but they aren’t space suits…).

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