Don’t look now, but we are nearing the end of January.

Holy crap, what a difference two COVID testing locations make. Last week I went to the Trolley Barn near Little 5 Points and was in and out oven before my 3pm scheduled appointment in less than ten minutes. Yesterday I went to a church on Glenwood by I-20 and finally got out of there over an hour after my 3pm scheduled appointment, more than ninety minutes after I arrived. The problem yesterday was that there was a single queue of cars getting tested, whereas at the Trolley Barn they had many lanes for people to walk into to get tested. I guess if I actually get my results from yesterday’s test it will be worth it.

After I finally got done with my COVID test I made a “quick” trip to Aldi where I somehow managed to rack up a $90 tab, without even buying any alcohol! At least I will have enough food in the house in case I am forced to isolate for a couple of weeks… One of the items purchased last night was a wonderfully cheap, $2.75, frozen pizza with “meat”. Obviously it wasn’t the highest quality pizza I have even eaten, but damn it was good; I ate half list night, and will eat the other half today.

Obviously the weather and COVID testing combined to keep me from doing any outdoor work/exercise yesterday.

Once again Thursday has arrived and I am ill-prepared for German class. I had every opportunity to study after watching Top Chef last night, but didn’t. Shame on me!

I have been up since a little before 5am, have finished today’s Washington Post crossword puzzle, and am just about ready to eat some of the breakfast casserole I have whipped up this morning. Once again I am allowing my inefficient oven to help warm the house on this chilly morning. I’ve just cut a piece of casserole and it looks delicious.

Today I need to figure out when to take the M6 in for service. I also need to start doing some financial planning for 2021, well, at least for the eleven remaining months.

Hope you are well and happy today.

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  1. As a teaser for tomorrow tune in then to find the two things I’ve introduced to my life this week. It will be worth the price of admission, I’m sure.

  2. Bonnie says:

    PSA: The husband had COVID but he’s out of isolation now. He had no symptoms throughout. He caught it from a co-worker who didn’t have symptoms at the time of transmission but got sick with the “usual symptoms” thereafter (no fault of theirs—pilots can’t mask up or social distance in the cockpit). I didn’t have any “close contact” with the husband throughout and I’ve had 2 negative test results. I’m considering adding weekly testing to my routine, especially with the new variants emerging. The husband was lucky in that his co-worker notified him that they were sick 12 hours after his last contact with them and he could immediately isolate. Be careful out there kids, and thank you to all the essential workers putting their lives on the line every day.

  3. Bonnie says:

    When I tested at the Trolley Barn I waited in a line of 25-30 people (on foot) for 35 min. At Piney Grove there were about 25 cars in line but since I was on foot I walked up and went to the front of the line and was in and out! Both are about 30-minute walks for me. I have no desire to drive-thru but I suppose if I were sick I would do so as a safety measure for others.

  4. S says:

    I just learned one of our cash processors died of the covid. A very nice guy and quite young. It ain’t playin’, kids.

    We met with the Park yesterday afternoon and got a plan together, which will be a pretty complete change from previous years. More space between clan tents means much more space needed. More space for queue’s for food vendors. We will be using the road for vendors and use their previous spot for the new parade field. Still working out some of the details, but it should be fun.

    I tried a race last night. Thought I was warmed up and ready, but the minute the flag dropped, I was going backwards! Maybe if I had hung on for a bit more, it would have settled down, but I was already well past the rivet!

    Bonnie, glad you and the hubs are doing better.


  5. I just looked at my Aldi receipt, as I snack on some pretzel chips, and saw that my total of $90 was compromised of 35 items, so less than $3 each! Only four items were over $4, they were a bottle of avocado oil ($6.99), a package of bratwurst ($4.99), and a package of cheese curds ($4.29) of which I bought two.

  6. Steve says:

    When I was at Publix last week, I passed the German section and spied some hot mustard. I tried it with my chili dogs last night and it was exceptional. I need to go to Aldi a little more frequently…

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