Though I couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 1:00am (!!!) I am once again awake early. I don’t know why sleep held off until then, perhaps the shame of another poor German class performance kept me up?

Hey, it’s Friday! Woot! The weekend weather for Atlanta is a crapshoot, especially tomorrow night when rain is predicted. 😢 Regardless, this weekend I will spend time working the backyard projects, do a walk with Betsy and Bella tomorrow morning, and see if I can convince Bonnie to hang out and maybe burn some of the drying Christmas trees sitting in the backyard.

This weekend I will also be starting to sow seeds indoors! Wee Little Farm (I was going to use another moniker since someone already owns that one — keep reading) will get kicked-started this weekend. Planting seeds will hasten the need to get my raised garden beds ready for plants.

Last year I had an idea to rebrand for future projects, not that intend to abandon Inside The Perimeter… I am considering branding my professional coding portfolio with the moniker “Ten Finger Apps” (apps written by one person). I then thought I’d call the farm “Ten Finger Farm” (a “farm” tended by one person). Basically things would be under the umbrella “Ten Finger” and then every subcategory would be “Ten Finger [subcategory]”. With this in mind I went to attempt to register “TenFinger.com”. To my delight it was available, to my dismay it is deemed a “Premium Domain” *cough* bullshit *cough* and the registrar wants $5000 to register it for the first year. Yeah, no. 👎🏽 I could make three more trips to the dealer for routing M6 maintenance for that! Or, I could make two trips and buy a new MacBook Air! Back to the drawing board.

This afternoon I plan to make an IKEA run to pick up something I have ordered, assuming I get a confirmation email today. [6:40am Update: email received] I am going to try IKEA’s “Click and Collect” service where they will bring the purchase out to my car. I have no problems with IKEA, even in COVID Times I find walking the store’s labyrinth somewhat mentally stimulating especially when there are fewer people in the store, but time is of the essence so I am going to see how this service performs.

I’ve noticed recently that Lurker has been lurking more than commenting, so this is just to get his ten fingers moving. I went to Publix. Yep, sure did. The one thing that I will certainly credit Publix for when compared to Kroger is their superior shopping carts. The Publix shopping cart rolled with ease, like a high-quality inline skate, and was a joy to use, unlike any Kroger shopping cart that I have ever toiled to push. I looked for BOGOs, but failed to find any that I wanted. Oh well, maybe next time. Speaking of Kroger, I don’t think I have been inside one in months since I have been doing all of my grocery shopping at Aldi. Now that I think of it however, I should stop for gas today on,my IKEA run since I failed to fill up at QT when I was down in Jonesboro on Monday.

Have a healthy and happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!

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11 Responses to 2021-02-05

  1. Bonnie says:

    You can still call it Wee Little Farm in spaces like this… I like it. 😁 Ten Finger is clever too, but you know I’m partial to hash-related monikers. 😁

    It’s much easier to look for Publix BOGOs using the Publix app (and perhaps website?) where there’s a weekly list. You can add them to your list and sort it by aisle. Just sayin’.

    • I will probably retain the Wee Little… no sense spending more money for efforts that aren’t bringing in money. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Publix app you say. Very interesting…. Thanks.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I can attest, their app is solid. Makes it easy to find products without having to roam the aisles. It offers digital coupons as well.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    I haven’t had much to say as of late, that’s for sure. There’s absolutely no comparison on shopping carts, Publix carts feel like they hover above the ground. I’ve had innumerable Kroger carts with stuck and/or squeaky wheels, and I just can’t go for that. I can’t wrap my head around Aldi, it feels like someone picked up the grocery store and shook it, with everything remaining where it landed. It clearly works for a lot of people though.

    Happy Friday!

    • Good to see you’re still amongst the flock.

      My desire for Germanic foods makes Aldi a very favorable place for me to shop. And, some of the basics are cheaper to boot.

  3. Steve says:

    I was just about to comment at 0900 when we heard the hay truck roll in. I had to actually put on clothes and greet them and get them started. A buck a bale extra for them to stack and well worth it!

    The patient is doing well this morning. She didn’t appear to have much trouble sleeping and isn’t too swollen today. I think the bruising will be off the scale tomorrow.

    A visit to the dermatologist later for a once over. Had been thinking about going in and got n email reminder from them saying it’s been a year- come see us!

    We are pretty equal opportunity shoppers. We do have an Aldi in Newnan, but rarely shop there. I doubt there is much we buy they wouldn’t have, but they just don’t come up in the rotation often.

    I hear there is some sort of game this weekend?


    • Bonnie says:

      Thinking of Debbie!

      My Super Bowl watching will likely be the latest casualty to the COVID-world FU. Sports bars will likely be too crowded, it will be too cold to watch on my porch with no heat source, and I don’t care enough to sit alone in my house to half-watch and stuff my face. I guess the husband will be watching alone in his hotel room in Rochester, NY. But as it is very difficult to find food these days while on the road, especially in NY, at least he won’t get fat doing so…

    • No draw to the SB for me. I may have the game on if I am home and inside.

  4. barb says:

    Saturday’s walkabout is starting at Aldi in Sandy Springs, so I will finally get to Aldi after the walk. Its been a while. Allan misses their lemonade. Lidl’s is even more tart, but its more inconvenient than Aldi.
    I really should use the apps more for grocery shopping, I tend to wander & wander.

    Still no side effects of the vaccine – so I guess I’m all good to go.

  5. At IKEA, awaiting my purchase to be delivered. Unfortunately the experience thus far has been less than stellar.

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