I’m reserving the term “shitty day” for the worst that can happen, but yesterday was close to a “shitty day”. On Saturday I had a good walkabout with Betsy and Bella, and then followed that up with a few hours of sub-standard paver laying and then some quality tree cleanup. At one point on Saturday night I went to sit down and had a strike of pain in my left knee. Upon waking yesterday morning my knee continued to be painful and problematic. This was the worst my knee has felt since pre-surgery two months ago. 😡 By now I expected to be completely healed and rehabbed. I am continuing to monitor the situation.

On my walk up to meet Betsy I picked up another small bag-load of trash. This is the third or fourth time I’ve done so prior to a Betsy walk. While I certainly wish that this was task unnecessary, I do feel a little civic pride by picking it up. I should have also scored a free circular table for the backyard, but I decided to wait, and when I went back an hour later to claim it the table had already been claimed by someone else. You snooze, you lose!

Other than my knee pain my weekend was good. I already mentioned my walk with Betsy, and sandwiching that was fun time spent hanging out with Bonnie.

On Friday night Bonnie walked over to the ITP Estate where we consumed beer while burning wood and branches of drying Christmas trees. This is exactly what I was anticipating when clearing that area of English ivy last summer.

Yesterday Bonnie and I did a little brewery touring. We started the day down at Red’s Beer Garden where we each had a beer with some lunch. From Red’s we drove over to Elsewhere Brewing in The Beacon. This was my first visit to this new brewery. The beer I had was fine. And finally we made our way to Halfway Crooks Brewing in Summerhill. This was the first time that I have been to Halfway Crooks, and at least get a beer; the last visit was aborted at the end of a Monday night trail when we found that their kitchen had already closed.

Prior to going out I sowed my first seeds of 2021. I sowed fifteen seeds, three seeds of five different pepper plants. My plan is to stagger sowing in an attempt to stagger when the vegetables ripen. Also coming soon will be the sowing of tomato, cucumber, and all sorts of other vegetables.

At 6:30am I am on the fence about going to tonight’s Moonlight Hash. Obviously if my knee is still hurting, which at this time it is, or the weather doesn’t seem agreeably, or I can’t ensure that I can eat outdoors, or if I just decide that I want to remain at home alone, I’ll not attend.

Hope that you had a 100% happy and healthy weekend.

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  1. As of 9:15am I still have no idea who won the Super Bowl yesterday. 😂

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    I do a similar circuit, but on foot with to-go beers. I only half-way like Halfway Crooks, so we always get to-go beers from Woods Chapel instead. The food is solid at Elsewhere, and I like the beer. I like Red’s a lot, and I’m glad they’re making their way through the pandemic. Sometimes to-go beers from Six Feet Under and/or Dakota Blue make it into the circuit as well.

    Saturday I completed part of the circuit starting with a front porch beer in Summerhill, to-go from Woods Chapel, and to-go from Elsewhere but by that point we were drenched to the point of uncomfortableness, so we called it a night. I was impressed by my friends being game to join me for a jaunt in the rain, which started out slow, but became a steady, miserable downpour. It made for 5.15 miles of walking.

    I guess there was some sort of sportsball last night? I have no idea who won.

    • Nice. In healthier times I will walk/bike.

      I was too much of a wuss to go out in the rain Saturday night. 😂

    • And Bonnie is like a local legend at Red’s with all of her Untappd check ins; I just ride on her coattails when we go there. 😎

    • barb says:

      5+ miles in the cold rain – you are way tougher than me Lurker.

      I really wanted to get a pedicure Saturday afternoon, but the cold rain convinced me I didn’t want to wear flip flops. now I have to find time 1 night this week.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        It was a great time until the rain started soaking into our clothes. I’m not one to let the weather dictate my plans when I’m on foot. Speaking of feet, I have a pedicure on tap myself tomorrow.

  3. Steve says:

    Sorry to hear about your knee and the sportsball wasn’t very good last night, especially if you were rooting for the Chiefs.

    Friday was a visit to the dermatologist. Got another little spot they don’t like and have sent to the lab for review. Different than the last one, but right next to it. Curious.

    I spent a great deal of time online this weekend- attending the USAC Officials summit via Zoom. There were a few high spots, like when the son awarded a lifetime achievement award to his dad and could barely get through it for the tears. We also heard from Randy Shaffer, the only American to work all 3 grand tours. A very interesting perspective.

    There was some sushi Friday and blueberry and banana pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Superb Owl meal was bratwurst with wonderful German mustard.

    Debbie spent last night in N. Ga for a gig this morning, Hoping the almost 60 degree forecast come true today for a bike ride outdoors.


  4. barb says:

    weekend was pretty fun.
    Friday night, made pizzas with leftovers with Mark & Annette on the deck.

    Saturday- walkabout in Sandy Springs, then got some errands done & other things accomplished (plane ticket to Iowa finally purchased for March, hotel booked for 1 night in St Pete FL in a couple weeks- all the rest of the nights we have people to stay with – I hope)

    Sunday walkabout in Marietta, then that turned into an all afternoon brewery crawl, 1st Red Hare on the Square for lunch & beers, then Glover Park, then Schoolhouse.

    Did watch the Superbowl until halftime – then decided I was bored with it.

    • There was a discussion of driving up to Marietta yesterday, but we were already on our second beer…

      I watched two minutes and was bored. I was shocked to hear that Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to play with Brady.

      • barb says:

        Gronk’s “TV & movie” career probably wasn’t happening – so he went back to Football. this is just speculation of course.

  5. Interesting. Saw a city car stop in front of my house and I expected that this was in conjunction with my scheduled yard waste pickup for tomorrow. Instead, the person put a “Courtesy Ticket” on my neighbor’s mailbox informing them about having to remove the small pile of yard waste that’s been sitting in their curb for some time. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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