This won’t take much of your time…

Last night I got a little motivated and did some work in the basement. As I mentioned, I didn’t want to stir up too much dust since I couldn’t open the door to let some dust out nor some fresher air in, so I puttered around doing other chores. Most of these chores were in preparation for the carpet removal. Oh, I hadn’t mentioned that I was going to be removing some of the ancient shag carpeting in the basement? (see also: a need for a dumpster since the City will not take building materials) The plan is to make a portion of the basement a garden station, and another portion a bike “repair” area, neither task lends itself well to being performed on shag carpeting. For the short-term I will leave the floor bare, yes it will be cold and hard, but I always wear shoes in the basement anyhow.

One of the chores performed was taking down more of the suspended ceiling in the area destined to be a work area. Chores like this always provide an interesting window in to past owners’ lives. “So that overhead light was only attached to the suspended ceiling, and even though it was turned on and off using a wall switch that occurred because someone had connected it to an outlet using a lamp cord? Okaaaaaay…”

After showering from my chores, the rest of the evening was spent on the couch either watching videos or sleeping. German studying lost out again…

As the temperature is supposed to eclipse 45°F this afternoon, and more rain and freezing temperatures predicted starting tonight, I would love to spend this afternoon outside working some of the backyard. There are so many chores to complete, some of which are gimp-friendly. I really need to get the garden plot area finished ASAP so that when the last of the frosts hits us the area is ready for action. Most of my seeds sown last week have yet to germinate, though a couple have sprouted out of their little seed pods like rockets and have already become too leggy. 🤷🏻‍♂️

That’s all I have. Hope you are remaining warm, healthy, and happy.

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  1. Also, though I am not a Believer and hence never partake in Lent, starting today I am going to see how long I can go without ordering anything from Amazon. It has been too convenient to spend money lately, admittedly mostly on the formation of Wee Little / Ten Finger Farm… I’ll attempt to make the same commitment to Lowe’s / Home Depot, but have to think that there will be needs that must be filled between now and the first harvest.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Are you concerned about asbestos in any of your basement projects? When we pulled up old linoleum (that had been glued to a hardwood floor!) in Memphis, the contractor said there could be asbestos in the glue.

    I am donating blood today which will also include a 4-mile walk in this literally freezing weather. I will likely stop by Lowe’s on the way home but I know I won’t see early bird Paulie there. 😁

    • Of course I am concerned with asbestos given the age of the house. I’m hoping that by the time the renovation was done asbestos wasn’t used much, and that the respirator I will wear when pulling up the carpet will be sufficient.

      Good luck, and bundle up.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Oh! Also today is my 3-year hash analversary! I’ve been hashing for 156 weeks and I’ve completed 184 hashes. My how my weekly average has dropped due to COVID and admittedly weather too. On on! I will probably attend My Bloody Valentine Saturday and the joint Wheelhopper / Hog Mountain Sunday.

  4. Steve says:

    Ummm.. asbestos! I doubt there would be much in the flooring, but depending on the age of the ceiling tiles??? I could be wrong.

    Brownie spent the morning and afternoon at his Aunt Nicole’s getting some meds, an apatite stimulant (which has yet to work) and some IV fluids. He has been a lump since I brought him home, but was able to go out and pee this morning. He did get up and drink on his own, but my temptation of some canned food and even a piece of steak were rebuffed.

    I finally found my way to the Alpe du Zwift last night. (rookie mistake of navigation). After 55 minutes of climbing, I managed to get from segment 21 to 9! I will try again in a couple days as my legs need a break!

    Into the orifice tomorrow for a day of catch up projects. Yippee.


    • Who knows.

      I do know two things:
      1. I have been in this house nearly every day for the past 22 years, so if there is asbestos I’ve been exposed. Yes, I know it’s far more dangerous when disturbed.
      2. To hire a professional to do this renovation would be expensive, and I already have enough expensive renovations ahead of me. Any more and I might as well sell the house to a flipper and get the fuck out of Dodge.

  5. On a much lighter note (which I certainly need now) – it’s National Cabbage Day. I’ll fart to that!

  6. Okay this is too funny not to mention. I’m watching a YouTube video about advertising, truth in advertising, etc, and the guy inserted a fake product endorsement for “Asbestos Land”. I couldn’t make this shit up!

  7. Just put on pants in which I hope to do yard work in a few hours. They are more snug than I expected, so even if the number is going down I have weight loss work to do!

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