Oops, I just realized that I forgot to write today’s post; I’ve been that busy already — breakfast, dish washing, crossword, some work, laundry started and soon to be rinsed and taken to the dryer — all since 5:00am.

Yesterday I used the rare February opportunity of seeing sunshine and fairly comfortable temperatures to get outside for awhile. I must admit, due to the amount of build up work I need to do in order to finish the garden plot project that task, I have lost a lot of steam toward finishing it. I will finish it, if for no other reason than to stem the tide of the many half-done projects that exist in my life. I just don’t think that the garden plot completion will happen imminently. I have two beds in place, both of which will get their final soil addition before the weekend has ended, and will finish the other two “in time”.

I did lose myself in pulling English ivy again, however. Somehow I think I spent about three hours doing so, filling at least four leaf bags’ worth of the invasive plant. I allowed myself to perform this task because it needs to be done, and I may use that area of the yard as an area in which I place grow bags containing plants such as potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes.

Speaking of plants, due to my inexperience I think my initial sowing may be a failure. I have to set up a better growing station solution (which is not going to be in the basement as quickly as I wish it were) and try again. Live and learn…

Would you be surprised to read that I was asleep before 9pm again last night? I didn’t think so. Once again no German studying was done. Poop! Because I am so unprepared I may wind up skipping class tonight. Initially I thought I’d have to skip next week’s class too, but that was when I thought that I’d be in Florida for my mother’s birthday. As of now with no vaccine (for both she and I) and Florida’s idea of what COVID is and is not (Barb, what have you been seeing in your travels?), I’m not sure I’m willing to visit at this time.

Time to go finish the laundry, so that’s not a half-done project at this time.

Hope that you are remaining healthy and happy.

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6 Responses to 2021-02-18

  1. Laundry rinsed. All but the jeans are in the dryer; the jeans are hanging dry for awhile before they will get their chance at a spin.

  2. Barb says:

    Morning from Punta Gorda.
    Cute town that is all water canals.
    Went out on Diana & Randy’s boat yesterday, the restaurant we are at, maybe 50% of the people were wearing masks.
    At Skyline, everyone was, but it’s a small place & we were there mid afternoon.
    I’ll know more today, we are heading to St Pete & the Dali Museum.

  3. Barb says:

    At Skyline in Lakewood Ranch (on the way to St Pete).
    Allan is thrilled.
    Everyone walking in here is wearing a mask.
    Dali Museum reservation is at 1pm.

  4. Steve says:

    Good afternoon from 1000 Peachtree St.!

    Already been a productive morning. 2 wiring issues solved. 1 wireless access point installed in the basement of the VAULT!! That was my first trip to the bottom. It’s 5 stories into the ground. And except for the smell (dirty money) it’s like being in a warehouse with an automated picking system.

    Brownie seems to be doing a bit better today. Last night, I got him up and out to have a pee, he got up on his own through the night and again this morning to go out and Debbie got him to eat a couple spoonfulls of wet food. I’d say that’s progress. Because he needs food for the meds, he hasn’t gotten any more meds. We have a call into Aunt Nicole.

    I hope to get to see my barber at some point this afternoon. A 1:30 troubleshooting session and a 5PM change and I’ll be done.


  5. YouTube trailer for the Loki movie coming out this year:

    The opening scene is in the lobby of the Proscenium building. It now seems odd to think of this as the building in which I used to work.

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