Yesterday turned out to be another good day for root pulling. It was less of a good day for the leaf bag that split in half due to one of the roots I crammed into it however. My afternoon started with my desire to get outside, mostly to unload the soil I purchased at Lowe’s yesterday morning. Once unloaded I decided to stay outdoors. I risked a planting of some red onion sets (essentially baby onions), and then turned my attention to root pulling — two bags were filled. I’ve identified some red clay that will be moved to the FGP, which is good since the final two beds really need to be readied for spring (hey, I finally learned when to (not) capitalize seasons!) because the indoor seedlings are starting to pop. FWIW- the ITP Estate’s average last frost date is March 31st, so hopefully come April I’ll have healthy plants to replant and raised garden beds ready to accept them. Also, I need to figure out a trellis plan!

I think that I am going to try an experiment with Lowe’s. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to order bags of the manure that their inventory system says that they have in stock, but I couldn’t find. I know that Lowe’s has an overflow area beyond their garden center, so perhaps they are sitting out there waiting to be brought into the main garden center? I guess that I’ll find out.

With no working television in the den, the small one in the living room doesn’t have a recent AppleTV, one that can run a Hulu app attached to it, and I’m too lazy to move the one from the den to the living room, I watched Top Chef last night on my iPad. My setup was a little less than ideal, so I plopped onto my bed which worked much better. And, I slept in my bed again last night!

It’s already a busy day, and will be followed by another German class for which I will be unprepared. Poop!

Oh yeah, I may also have to deal with an insurance problem regarding my knee surgery. Apparently my health care insurance is not paying the doctor, and of course the patient has to resolve this. Our healthcare system is broken.

I could really use a month of no work to knock out a shitload of chores that are waiting for my attention.

Hope you make it a great day.

Days Without an Amazon Purchase = 8

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14 Responses to 2021-02-25

  1. It’s going to be a wonderfully nice weather day in the Atlanta area again, get out there and make the most of it!

    I almost caved on my Amazon Lent. I want to figure out a way to mark my planting squares, and nearly ordered some wooden dowels. Certainly there must be a good way using materials I have on hand…

  2. Steve says:

    After work yesterday, I managed 23 miles on the CX bike. My “Ride with GPS” app does allow you to link a heart rate monitor, but doesn’t appear to track it- just a display (which I don’t normally leave running. I did have pain in my neck which I attribute to sitting in my recliner as I work every day. I might need to find a way to counteract that.

    Now working Sunday to complete what should have been done last Sunday by my coworker. He let a national engineer convince him they couldn’t make a change because they didn’t do the paperwork- in fact this system isn’t managed by national and we don’t need no stinkin’ paperwork. Grrrr…

    I did not break the Fed yesterday, but I know who did!! 🙂


  3. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday I dragged the husband to Fort Yargo for a hike around the lake. We were told that we couldn’t complete the loop due to a controlled burn, a possible bridge out, and some trail repairs/detours would have to be dealt with. As some of you know, I have issues with incomplete trail loops on Strava 🤓 so after trying to skirt the smoldering fire we went back and asked the firemen if we could continue on the trail and they said yes! The husband wasn’t too happy being surrounded by smoldering embers but he survived. All in all we added another mile to the 8-mile trail.

    The day before we strolled 8.5 miles up the Eastside Trail to Piedmont Park. Sometimes I still wish I had bought a place over there.

    Today I’m going to attempt to trick him into go biking. It’s going to be a slow ride because he hasn’t exercised much at all in the past year not to mention I don’t know when he was last on a bike.

    Winter COVID weight, go away!!

  4. It’s perfect outside, I’m having a hard time staying inside today.

  5. Steve says:

    I just fed the horses and have the doors open! If my partner Sam hadn’t already taken the afternoon off, I might have a case of spring (cough cough) fever.

  6. Struggling with the concept that CHaRM charges $20 to recycle a TV when all other electronics are taken in for free.

    Maybe I should practice my soldering skills and attempt to fix my TV…

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