Seemingly all I could think about while working yesterday was “Man, it’s going to be great to get outside today. I can’t wait!” I made a list of chores, and kicked off work a little earlier than I should have (missing a message from my boss, whoops!). And then I got outside and was virtually paralyzed. All I could do was stand in one place and look, wondering how in the hell I was going to get shit done. One of the tasks sounded simple “Measure and mark the square feet garden sections inside the two unplanted raised beds.” Siiiiimple right? Well, it would be simpler if the beds I bought to do “Square Foot Gardening” (in which you mark out square feet and plant geometrically within them) were a standard width/length, thus making the measurements easy. Further, because the Frankenbed is well, a Frankenbed, it bows inward toward the middle making it even less rectangular. I know, just fucking plant seeds! But, I’m anal? OCD? Finicky?

Giving up on the measuring and marking I transitioned to tasks that I was capable of managing.

  • I pulled out a bag’s worth of English ivy; a task harder than I expected because the roots were holding tightly yesterday.
  • I sorted/stacked the empty soil/compost/manure bags, some of which will go to CHaRM next Tuesday, some of which will be used for trash bags on my journey’s to East Atlanta Village for Betsy walks.
  • I moved a stack of cut wood from nearer the house to nearer the fire pit patio.
  • I moved the drop ceiling tiles from the basement to under the carport in preparation for today’s visit by 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Exasperated and exhausted I gave up and returned inside to shower off the dirt and shame.

After showering I sat for a second before eating a bowl of salad greens topped with salad dressing and nuts. However, this didn’t satisfy my desire to eat, so I ate the second half of the $2.75 Aldi pizza as well. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve overeaten that much.

I watched Top Chef on my iPad while texting with Betsy, and shortly thereafter fell asleep.

Today? Don’t know. I’ll have to deal with the junk people, as well as find out about what my boss wants to talk to me; I don’t have positive vibes about my future with “XYZ Corp”, but we’ll see.

Hope you are well, and make it a great day.

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14 Responses to 2021-03-04

  1. Today is the 98th anniversary of my father’s birth. He’s no longer around to celebrate, but I’ll lift a pint in his honor tonight.

  2. Bonnie says:


    The husband declared it too cold yesterday to play outside so he went to Lowe’s and I jogged around the ‘hood. I thought today was going to be a “Day of Fun” but now I’m told we’re just going on a bike ride. For an hour. Hmph. Maybe I can change his mind once he wakes up…

  3. Apparently the NBA is having an All Star game in Atlanta this weekend? Who knew?

  4. Steve says:

    Anal? OCD? Picky? C’mon, Paulie… you know the answer, it’s all of the above! But we still love you!! There’s no shame it doing it right, but work with what you have. If your “square foot” measure is 33″, then round down to 3x 11″.

    I managed 17 on the CX bike after work. The wind wasn’t my friend, but I managed. And Bonnie, I’m not sure how “cool” is was when you were trying to get the hubs out, but I rode in summer kit and was quite comfortable.

    T-Mobile came through yesterday with the new home internet device. I hooked it up and plopped it in the window and pulled 50M download and 1M up. Not shabby but will try other locations before calling it a complete success. Ready to kick the satellite to the curb.

    Another beautiful day ahead!


    • I’m not good with the math and the measuring… 🙄

      Good on ya for getting out there. I did all my afternoon yard work in a long sleeve technical shirt and was more than comfortable. Today is supposed to be a little warmer.

      Now that I am no longer in the satellite game I say “Good Riddance!”. Actually, as part of my own cleanup this year I will probably pull all of the cable I ran for the satellite dish from the attic, and seal the holes in the eaves.

  5. Junk people just called and should be here in 45 minutes. I don’t know if they will take the stuff today, or just give me a quote.

  6. Productive morning,

    I raked leaves off the front garden bed and made a small, very temporary cold frame by repurposing old brick and the glass from a picture frame.

    My fancy-pants mopping bucket has been delivered.

    And, though it cost more than I expected, the carpet and drop ceiling tiles have been hauled away. My cost was $230, which is $100 cheaper than a dumpster rental would have cost me — and, I didn’t have to handle the carpet again!

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