Happy Friday to you all.

After a productive start yesterday, things went a little pear-shaped. I have been given a new assignment at “XYZ Corp”; that’s all I’ll say about that. 😶 As I mulled over my current situation I got incredibly anxious and needed an outlet for settling myself down.

A slow, 5k walk around the neighborhood helped a little.
Deciding that it was okay to skip another German class helped a little.
The time spent doing nothing but preparing a dinner for myself helped a little.
The delicious bottle of scotch ale beer, a Christmas gift from Bonnie, helped more than a little.
Blowing off all of the chores I could have done by skipping German class helped a little.
Falling asleep around 8pm helped a lot.

Though by and large I am the master of my own calendar, save for the time spent making money, I have felt incredibly overwhelmed and rushed this week. I am very much looking forward to hanging out with friends and drinking beer (or coffee in the case of my walk with Betsy) this weekend.

After a brief stint of listening to a podcast while I prepared this morning’s breakfast casserole I have decided that I am going to experiment with “Quiet Friday” during which the only non-natural sounds permitted will be my 1:30pm Stand Up call and the voices in my head, at least until it’s beer and fire time later! I’m hoping to finish of the burning of the branches of at least one Christmas tree tonight.

In the quiet of the morning spent thirty minutes (slowly) reading a new-to-me book “The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry.” It was an unexpected blissful time for me.

Wee’s Little Farm is having an existential crisis. I have many germinated seeds that are refusing to grow any larger than tiny little plants. I watch all of these YouTube gardeners having miraculous success and don’t understand why I am not have similar success since I seem to be planting in the same mediums, have germinated the seeds on warming mats, and have exposed the seedlings to many hours of light either natural from a south-facing window or unnatural in the form of grow lights. It’s not like I am relying on my crop to survive, think how skinny I’d be if I were, but I would like to have success and provide myself with a handful of meals.

I am going to work “straight through” today, with plans to get out and clear up the back yard a bit prior to beer drinking and fire making. I’m also hoping to swab the basement floor using my new fancy-pants mop and mopping bucket. And to think that women have never deemed me as “marrying material”… pffft!

I hope that you have a fantastic and healthy weekend. Go out and make it the best you can!

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7 Responses to 2021-03-05

  1. HamWithCam says:

    Paulie –
    “Let not your heart be troubled…” by the new work assignment.

    Somebody (AKA, “your boss”) has the confidence in you (among the many?) to give you a new assignment. That spells o-p-p-o-r- t-u-n-i-t-y. <– see what I did there? 🙂

    Embrace it.
    "Lean into it…."
    Show excitement and most importantly take ownership.

    In my "IT Guy" career, I never had a job anybody else had before me.
    And that works out fine for me. (Wait! Errrr, OK for me…)

    Have no fear about your capabilities either. I mean, iOS programming is all Black Magic anyways, right?

    My two cents — your mileage may vary.

    Make it a nice day, eh?

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  2. Steve says:

    Glad that the call with XYZ Corp. wasn’t a “good luck, there’s the door”! New challenges are just what you need.

    Yesterday there was some quality time with my tractor. There are quite a few little stumps left from the tree work. The inter webs says they will come out if you can pull them up (not to the side), so I wrap a chain around a big log and attach the chain to my brush puller widget, then just drag it with the tractor. As long as the widget can hold the stump, it works.

    My T-Mobile WiFi is still bringing it. 60Mb this morning. If I can get the upload speed better, I’ll be happy.

    Maybe a bike ride in this beautiful weather later today.


  3. I’ll go as far to say that the new assignment is not using a technology I know (iOS development), nor one I really wish to learn; for me it’s a dead end.

    I wish I could go out and ride today too. Some day. Some. Day.

    Also, continuing their stance that STU will happen BRAG sent out an email yesterday outlining the “safety precautions” to be mandated this year.

  4. Took a lunch break after all. In addition to shoving food in my face I did a sweep and crude mopping of the basement floor. 😀 However, I must admit that I broke my vow of silence by watching a YouTube video as I ate… 🙄

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