Not much to report today. Yesterday was mundane — I worked, transplanted new seedings into my failed recent transplant trays (hopefully these don’t die too), and then walked the Moonlight trail.

The plan was to take the short option last night, but we missed the turn off and wound up walking the entire 4+ mile trail. While I like that I got the extra exercise, it put at the bar (we sat outside) past 9pm and it was too late for me to order food. I was hungry and many of the menu options at Jo’s Grill (the improvised end since Pure Taqueria wasn’t being cooperative apparently) sounded good, and got very grumpy when everyone else’s food started to be delivered and it looked a amazingly unhealthy (read “delicious”).

Captain Cranky is back! The City of Atlanta didn’t pick up yard waste again yesterday, therefore the bags have been on the curb for at least three weeks — so I reported this on the 311 website. What’s the male equivalent of being a “Karen”? 🙄

With rain on the way I’ll be doing some cleanup chores and battening down the hatches today.

Yet another solid purchase trip to Lowe’s completed. Seems like I e spent the last year underestimating my soil needs and buying more.

Hope you are happy and well.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 183.8 pounds (+0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); slightly disappointed since I did so much hard work last week, and essentially skipped dinner last night.

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12 Responses to 2021-03-23

  1. Steve says:

    2 of six piles burned, or at least started yesterday. The bull dozer was a no show, and I suggested there should be no more starts without it on hand. There were times yesterday an evacuation plan went through my mind- not good. Supposed to be less wind today, so we’ll see.

    A little T posting and post hole digging yesterday. I’m putting off the plumbing.

    Oh.. yes, you may ask yourself, “I thought you were going to Birmingham?” And I was, except the approval for travel wasn’t for employees, just for the consulting engineer. And I’m sure we look like a Chinese fire drill to him, but I suppose they have their reasons. We will try again in a couple weeks.


    • While on a much smaller scale there have been a couple of times when I considered not burning in my fire pit so that I didn’t set Atlanta to blaze like Sherman.

      Moved soil from car to farm. I feel incredibly weak today, it was a struggle to wrestle the bags of soil. It also doesn’t hurt help when my elbow screams with pain.

      I also added a little more yard waste to the bags that have been on the curb for weeks just in case my Karening prompts the City to show up today. Unlikely, I know.

  2. HamWithCam says:

    ITP-ism of the day:
    “It also doesn’t hurt when my elbow screams with pain.”

    Huh? 🙂

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  3. The rest of the seedlings I planted over the weekend are dying too. Clearly I did something very wrong the other day and will have far fewer pepper and tomato plants than I expected. Poop!

  4. Lunch today was a salad which included some lettuce and radishes from Wee’s Little Farm. 🎉😁

  5. Just got some “free” exercise courtesy of the USPS who put mail belonging to the house around the corner into my mailbox. It’s lovely outside so I walked to their house and put it into their mailbox.

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