Geez, it’s 6:45am? I’m late!

It was a busy, busy three days in the life of yours truly.

Taking the day off from “XYZ Corp” on Friday (and it felt great doing so) I ran chores in the morning, did some farming chores in the afternoon, and then joined a small group for a socially distanced gathering in Grant Park for dinner. Eighty percent of the participants had at least one COVID vaccine injection, guess who the slacker was…. Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

I woke early Saturday morning and puttered around the house before joining Betsy and Bella for our weekly walk. By the time I arrived home it was a little after 11am, and I then kicked the farm choring into high gear, spending a good five hours working in the backyard. I quit with enough time to shower and then walk to a friends’ house where I repeated Friday night’s activity of a social distanced dinner. I may have been the only non-vaccinated person out that group of four as well.

By daybreak yesterday I was again in the backyard doing farm chores, putting in about three hours of work. I quit with enough time to gather my goods to ride Wheelhopper (um Steve, where were you?). The ride was a fantastic loop of single track trail on the Westside. Bonnie and I were not DFL, mostly because a group of real riders stopped at Scofflaw for an extra credit beer stop. 😂 After Wheelhopper Bonnie and I returned to East Atlanta where we ate dinner at Midway before have a nightcap beer on the ITP Estate’s deck overlooking Wee’s Little Farm.

Ah the farm. It was a big weekend for the farm, for good and bad. First the good, I have completed laying all of the raised beds in the FGP! I still have some paver work to do, but that can happen whenever. More good was the clearing of branches (too large for the chipper/shredder) and pulling another yard wage bag’s worth of English ivy. The entire backyard is starting to take shape. Now the bad, which apparently centers around my inability to grow healthy seedings and successfully transplant them. I transplanted a lot of small seedlings that were starting to look anemic in their starter pods, but unfortunately it appears that about half of them are dying / have died already. 🐀 🐀 🐀 I know this is all a learning process for me, but it’s frustrating to watch YouTube videos where people seem to be doing the same thing as I am but having much better success. Oh well, I still have seeds so I will live to sow again.

Today? Well I do need to go to work now. Moonlight is a possibility, but I will make that decision later.

Hope you had a wonderful and healthy weekend.

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  1. Also of note: I picked up another bag of trash on my walk up to East Atlanta Village Saturday morning. Yesterday while driving to the hash I got really pissed off when the person in the car ahead of us rolled down the window and dropped out a foil wrapper. FFS PEOPLE THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR FUCKING TRASHCAN!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Steve, you can always come to April’s Wheelhopper, but this time you’ll have to wear a dress!

    Also noteworthy at Wheelhopper, Wee Little Bit had a jubilee: 20 trails! Loosely quoting WLB, “That’s one a year for my 2o years of hashing!” Maybe he’ll get that mug someday after all, he’s halfway there! It will probably be my next mug too, knock on wood. I’ll rope Wee into laying a Wheelhopper with me sometime in the next 3 or 5 years or so. 😁

  3. Bob says:

    If an extra credit beer stop is wrong then I don’t want to be right! 🙂
    Nice seeing you at Wheelhopper, what a beautiful day to ride bikes.

    • Oh, I don’t think it’s wrong! I wish I had the thought to stop (though I don’t think I had money/credit card with me), but think how late I would have been if I had!

      Glory Mole saw that it only took Always Comes First fifteen minutes longer to run the trail than it took us to ride. 😂

      Good to see the whole family there yesterday. Fun times.

  4. Steve says:

    Let’s see… Friday was errands and chores, which included digging in my excavation. I was finally able to get all the way through and now have a path for the new water line. The problem was a large rock which was just out of sight in my hole. Bastard.

    Saturday we joined the usual suspects (fox hunt friends) at Callaway Gardens Steeplechase course for a “field day”. I didn’t realize it was a full on fancy tailgate competition- we tied for second place and the winner clearly bribed the judge more than we did. It was most of the day and by the end I was ready to head home.

    As Saturday was a loss, Sunday meant more chores, including a Lowes run. Sadly, the WH was not happening as I finally remembered I have given up drinking for Lent. It was clear to me Saturday I would have had a much better time with a drink in my hand and WH would have been no different.

    I may be able to check in tomorrow from the wilds of the Birmingham branch. A site visit and a little actual work as our on site tech is out on FMLA for a few more weeks.


  5. Ugh, another look at my transplanted seedlings and things actually look worse than what I feared. It might be time to give up on these trays and start some tomato and pepper seeds again…

  6. Steve says:

    Your seeds might have drowned.

    Pile number 1 is on FIRE!!! And of course, the second he lit it, the wind picked up. We will be burning cautiously.

    • Steve says:

      HA! “Could Krispy Kreme end the pandemic?”

      Their plan is more filled out than the previous administration’s. Why not??

    • Nice. I have been surprised to hear people are getting incentives to get vaccinated since my incentive is to be able to live a life similar to this time last year.

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