The only effect of yesterday’s COVID jab this morning is a slightly sore arm; I was warned of this. While waiting in the observation area of the Delta Flight Museum, where my vaccine was administered, I scheduled my second jab for twenty-one days later. The second jab will occur the day before the start of Spring Tune Up, so I am hoping that I don’t suffer any side effects from it. For all of the people telling me horror stories of getting my vaccine shot there, at 3:20pm (I was early for my 3:45pm appointment — shocker!) on a Wednesday, there was anyone hardly there and I waited five minutes before getting jabbed while sitting in my car.

I wanted to celebrate vaccine jab #1 by stopping at Red’s Beer Garden on the way home from Hapeville, but I wasn’t sure that it was okay to drink alcohol after the shot, and it was still too early to eat dinner (even for an old fart like me!).

I spent the evening eating leftovers and watching Top Chef before falling asleep around 10pm.

A lot of things are happening in my world this week, most of which I won’t share for fear that everyone will tell me that my world is completely falling apart. You are probably right, I just don’t want to hear it. I’ll just say that the ITP Estate has provided another disconcerting mystery making me hope that some day it collapses while I am not inside so that I can build a small, functional house on its foundation. I’m baking a breakfast casserole at the moment, so at least you know I don’t have a natural gas leak. All I want is a house that stops giving me angst. Is that asking too much? Probably.

WLF is doing okay. I am still flummoxed at the death of, and slow growth of those not dead, my plants. They are getting light, fertile soil, the proper amount of water (now), and appropriate warmth. Short of singing them songs and praising them I don’t know what else to do.

Hope that you are relaxed, happy, and healthy. I’m working on it, but keep getting pushback from external forces.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    After much angst, I booked vaccine #2. I was in that group of people who were not allowed to book the second one while we waited, instead they said “expect an email in 3-4 weeks.” Huh? Luckily on the Facebook Vaccine Hunters page someone posted the secret link and after many days of coming up with no available appointments for the Delta Museum I am finally booked. And, I don’t have to wait an extra week (what they were apparently expecting our group to do) nor drive 80 miles. Woot!

    • Yay!

      I actually had to rebook because the website let me book before the 21 day minimum wait period. It also didn’t provide dates after STU even though that’s well within the 42 day maximum wait period, so I picked what I could.

      I’m sure you know this, but getting the jab at the museum is done the same way testing is done at the church on Glenwood — drive, wait in line in your car, then do the thing while in your car.

      • Bonnie says:

        If I see they’ve released dates post-STU I’ll send you the link and you can decide if you want to change your appointment or not.

  2. Steve says:

    Congrats on shot number 1. Are you House Pfizer or House Moderna? Shame you can’t schedule after STU- word on the street is the 2nd one is a tougher ride.

    2 big piles burned yesterday and are still smoldering this morning, even after quite a good rain overnight. We were lucky to get a permit- those that tried early in the morning were denied because of low ceilings. Apparently if the smoke can’t go up enough you are causing a greater risk. Makes sense.

    We pulled the trigger on what will be planted in the pastures… CRABGRASS!!! Yes, the home owners nemesis is apparently good forage and quick to cover. Considering the baby will be here within a month (!!) we need to get planting.

    A better ride last night- 40 minutes. Not great, but better.


    • I’m Team Pfizer. I may be able to reschedule (again), but will wait to see. I have heard mixed reviews from people who have gotten #2.

      Crabgrass? Be careful what you ask for! see also: kudzu and English ivy

  3. My “Karening” may have just paid off, the City of Atlanta is outside taking away my street’s yard waste. Of course they did drop something out of one of the bags and left it on the street. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • The City took my bags and the bags from the neighbor across the street, and left the yard waste for all other houses on the block. Okaaaaaay.

      • Steve says:

        Congratulations to the squeaky wheel, Karen.

        Just saw that Bonnie is haring Monday night… hmmmm. If you’re walking, I might just show up.

        • Bonnie says:

          Steve: eagle trail is about 4.3 miles and the turkey should come in around 2.9 or less. The only real difference is length; this trail is pretty easy as far as trails go… I was going to perhaps rope WLB into being my flour b*tch, but if him walking with you will get you out I’ll release him of any duties 😁.

      • If she doesn’t need a flour mule I will be walking her trail, at least some of it so that I get to the end in sufficient time to order food.

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