I’m “in the office” early so that I can “leave the office” early as well. The plan is to assess the storm’s impact on WLF and make any necessary adjustments later this afternoon. East Atlanta was mostly spared, receiving only a couple of inches of rain (I’ll know exactly how much when I get outside to look at my rain gauge!). I heard there was hail “up north”; I hate to think what that would have done to the plants that are actually doing okay growing outside currently. One of the tasks that I know that I need to work on is shoveling some (now very wet) red clay up against the latest raised beds to ensure that the expensive soil I’ve put into them doesn’t leak out. These last two beds sit a good four inches above the current dirt level. The final design has them being buffered by pavers as has been done internally in the FGP, but I need to have much more red clay moved in order to accomplish this. I wonder how many roots I will encounter digging Potato Trench #2? The answer: way too many…

I’ve not whined about my knee recently. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that I am back to being 100% pain free, but the percentage is high and I wonder if the pain I do still have can be attributed to the meniscus, or it’s from some other part of the knee that is weak/damaged. I hope to start getting out on my bicycle(s) more very soon, so hopefully that will strengthen the knees.

Post-vaccine shoulder is fine. Looking forward to jab #2. I never expected to look forward to an injection!

Yesterday I made a post-work trip down to Aldi. Inexplicably I failed to get some of my standard purchases, such as almond milk, onions, and mushrooms, so I suppose I’ll be making a return trip sooner rather than later. It’s probably a good thing that American?/Atlanta? Aldis don’t carry the wide range of household goods I’ve seen in YouTube videos recorded in European Aldis, otherwise who knows what stuff I’d be buying. 🙄

Today I may be purchasing an A/V Receiver from Best Buy (to be picked up next week), and then with some cleaning/decluttering of the basement may return to riding the trainer as well. (note for my brother: I’m considering purchasing a new laptop very soon. I need to hear some updates about work first. I’ll keep you posted via text.) I’m also still doing research about getting a new television. See? How can I be expected to perform much-needed house repairs when all of my money is going toward filing my electronics world?

It’s Friday? Oh? I haven’t done too much planning for this weekend, save the walk that I will do with Betsy and Bella tomorrow morning. I expect that I will be going to Black Sheep on Sunday, though it is way the fuck up in Braselton. The hash will be doing an on-after at the Braselton Brewery, a place Bonnie and I visited for Hop Passporting, but that will occur after the hash. And how much beer after a hash should I be drinking if I need to drive for an hour in order to get home? Decisions, decisions. What’s on your weekend agenda?

I hope that you are doing well and remaining healthy.

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  1. Steve says:

    Boy, it was a long night down here. My phone alerted 3 or 4 times to take cover! I actually didn’t know it would do that. I know there is a warning siren in Lone Oak, about 6 miles away as the crow flies, and they didn’t install one at the new firehouse they built (WTF?) just 1.5 miles ATCF. (and not that I would hear it, anyway)

    Debbie didn’t like the fence I put between pastures as I couldn’t get it tight enough to keep horses from leaning over it and bending it, so it came down yesterday and 4 runs of electrobraid will go up. No burning yesterday beyond the smoldering piles, which are still smoldering after the last of the rain at 05:30- easily a couple inches.

    Saw a headline on CNN about rental car rates out of sight. As I was going to join Debbie in Savannah to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in a couple weeks, I thought I’d look. My normal Enterprise in Newnan had no cars. The other offices nearby had no cars and the airport had triple the normal rates. I think I’ll be driving my own.


    • The only explanation I can give for the lack of a tornado siren in a new firehouse is the supposition that most people will be warned on their mobile devices now?

      I never considered a lack of rental cars, and thus higher rates. More people traveling by cars than planes? Fewer cars rented last year, therefore less money for inventory? Interesting.

      • Steve says:

        Rental fleets were depleted as the pandemic hit and now they can’t get replacement vehicles. It might also be partially I was trying to book during spring break (week after Easter).

        The tornado siren is a puzzle. I was trying to think if there was one at city hall, which is about 200yds behind the new firehouse, but can’t remember if I’ve noticed one. It does seem slightly archaic in these days of everyone has a cell phone.

        • Barb says:

          A bunch of rental cars were parked at White Water at the beginning of this crazy year. I would guess there is just lower inventory#s.

  2. Barb says:

    Hi all!
    I decided I needed a sick day, so I have time to read the blog this morning.
    I heard no sirens, my phone had no alerts- heard the crazy rain, but managed to sleep thru it.
    I lost internet & TV yesterday evening I guess, tried all the restarts, nothing working, so I have a technician coming Sunday afternoon. (Guess no black sheep for us). I’m trying all the restart stuff again this morning, just to be sure.

    I am headed up to Hartwell in a few, Allan & Oops are working on building an overhang for the deck, but they have 2 different ideas on how to do it. I can’t wait to hear who’s plan wins. Sue said hurry up…. she needs me so we can ignore them. (Haha)

    • Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties, good luck. Pity you can’t make Black Sheep, it’s on your way home!

      Have fun at Hartwell. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can camp out there sometime this year. 🙂

      • Barb says:

        When I went to the support website it basically told me I needed a tech. So who knows…: oh well.

  3. Finding it interesting to look at my “Watch Later” YouTube videos from this time last year. Apparently (and I actually knew this) I, like many, was interested in baking bread. I was also interested in, and making many, pumpkin breads, at least until I found out that I was ingesting more potassium than my body can process. 🙁

  4. Barb says:

    Made it to Hartwell. Off to get lunch & go to Home Depot. This project should be interesting once they get started

    • Steve says:

      Oh dear… interesting- not necessarily good.

      Got a call from USA Cycling. There’s an U23 rider who wants to go for the US hour record at the velodrome in Rock Hill. Chuck couldn’t think of a more experienced track official any closer, so it might be my gig. Could be fun.

      • Speaking of cycling, I read that starting April 1 the UCI is banning the aero crouch that has become a popular way to descend in the past ten years.

      • Barb says:

        We have 2 Volvos parked in my backyard right now. (Thanks TJ for offering our backyard). I think the next event is maybe mid to late April?

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