Monday already? 🐀🐀🐀
And don’t look now, but we are reaching the end of March!

It was an interesting weekend for WLF, which is now continuously getting blanketed with pollen. On Friday I spent a long time digging Potato Trench #2, getting quite the workout extracting a fairly large tree root and tweaking my left knee in the process. Successfully dug, I was able to get some potatoes planted into bags and set into the trench. Given that we are predicted to have freezing temperatures at week’s end, I’ll have to hold off moving anything else outside for at least another week — not that anything has grown large enough to necessitate getting planted outdoors… ☹️ On Saturday I did a few more chores for WLF, the most notable of which was feeding sticks through My First Wood Chipper/Shredder and creating wood “chips” to line the bottom of Potato Trench #2. At lunchtime today I will have a look around WLF to see if anything was disturbed by yesterday’s wind and rain, do some weeding, and figure out a plan for covering anything that may be sensitive to frost.

Of course on Saturday morning I walked with Betsy and Bella, and picked up an entire bag’s worth of trash around East Atlanta Village before our appointed meetup time.

Yesterday I drove out to Braselton for Black Sheep. It’s a really long way to go if you are not actually doing the hash trail nor going to the brewery for the On After, but I wanted to get out and I figured there would be a mention of Blue Ball Special’s passing, so I went. I played dog sitter while Double Suck ran trail and walked Mrs Bojangles for a bit. Mrs B and I walked though the family cemetery of the Braseltons, many of whom lived long lives even during the 1800s, and I took a photo of a half-remaining freestanding hearth. Along a power line cut I saw plenty of flora that I wished to take home and plant in/around WLF; I don’t know who I am anymore?!?! I also found my first tick of 2021 while sitting at the end awaiting the hounds to arrive. Ticks. Ugh.

I have a late afternoon meeting today and won’t be able to be Glory Mole’s flour mule, but I will be there for her trail and some pizza eating. 😁

Hope you all had an interesting, healthy weekend.

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8 Responses to 2021-03-29

  1. HamWithCam says:

    Using (fresh) wood chips and/or sawdust in the soil will act to deplete Nitrogen!

    Use wood chip as mulch only.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Correct! That’s why the wood chips are under the plastic bags in which the potatoes are planted. They are keeping them elevated from the bottom of the red clay trench which acts like a swimming pool when it rains.

      • HamWithCam says:

        Happy farming.

        BTW: The CVS in Decatur (on Ponce just West of the Square) is using a “come in and sign-up” process for C-19 vaccine.
        73 de JG/HamWithCam

  2. I forgot to mention that Bonnie and I visited the newly-opened Candler Rail Brewing on Dekalb Avenue on Saturday afternoon. My first visit was a very good one, and that had nothing to do with the free pint of beer given to me by mentioning their Instagram post. 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    These one day weekends suck. Saturday was 11 hours door to door and an unsuccessful cutover! They have rolled this upgrade out at 3 different districts but we are the first to have this very odd error. Back to the drawing board…

    Yesterday I had a surprise when I went to give the ponies their breakfast- Mickey was out in an uncontrolled part of pasture! I had removed the wore fence they leaned over and bent and replaced it with 2 lines of electrobraid. He must have rolled under and found his way to the nice grass on the other side. Debbie spotted hoof prints on the top of the hill, so he took a tour. There are now 2 more lines down lower and lighting them up moved higher on the chore list.

    I watched Alabama lose to UCLA last night. Had they hit more than 50% of their free throws, it would have been a different outcome. Otherwise, it was a good game.

    Still planning on joining you for a hash stroll this evening.


    • Excellent. I’m hoping to convince the hare to give me a ride home, as I am going to overachieve by walking to the start today. Considering I drove her to and from Braselton yesterday, I think she could be accommodating. 🙂

  4. First bags of planted potatoes growing fantastically! I have mounded more dirt upon them, as I have heard to do, in an effort to create more tubers (taters), as well as protect the plants from frost. Of course I’ll check back later in the week to see if they’ve grown beyond the dirt I added today before our predicted frost arrives.

    Actually, almost all of the plants outdoors are thriving (for now). I did have to sacrifice a few lettuce plants that either bolted to seed or were covered with bugs. I’ve not yet mastered the farming art of insect control…

    • And ready or not I’m going to have to get plants outdoors when the frost chance disappears since the changing path of the sun is providing less light even in a south-facing window. Though I really wish my plants looked anywhere near the YouTube video I am watching currently. ☹️

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