Off to a stuttering start today.

It was a busy weekend of WLF choring this week as I prepared for the arrival of the spring/summer growing season. Chilly weather is still likely, and we could potentially get frost again (though I hope not), but I have started getting my gnat-riddled plants outside to harden them off. I keep harvesting radishes, so I’ve got that going for me.

Thanks to the damp ground caused by Saturday’s rain I was able to fill five yard waste bags with English ivy and tree roots. Unfortunately the City of Atlanta is still in this alternating recycling/yard waste pickup schedule (which I wouldn’t be surprised if the weekly pickup of both never returns) so the bags will have to sit in my carport for another week.

Saturday’s forecasted rain also kept me from walking with Betsy and Bella. They walked regardless, and I was the beneficiary of a delivered cup of coffee, which is always a pleasant surprise.

After choring yesterday I joined forces with Bonnie to skip driving to Acworth for Black Sheep, and to walk for our beers instead. We walked to Three Taverns Imaginarium, (Young) Augustine’s, and then to Argosy for a fourth beer and dinner. I’m sure the walking undid all of the caloric damage done by four beers and food. 🙄 It was nearly a perfect day.

Tonight? Moonlite hash? Dunno. First, a start has yet to be posted. Second, the thing that made yesterday “nearly perfect” was that my left eyelid has once again become irritated, looks bad, and is bothering me. So, we’ll see.

It’s Spring Tune Up week! I’m hoping for great weather, and improved health for it.

Hope you had a healthy and happy weekend.

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7 Responses to 2021-04-12

  1. Bonnie says:

    Moonlight start: http://moonlite.atlantahash.com/

    I’ve been up since around 2:30am. Wheeeeee this day is going to be interesting…

    • Thanks! I was just coming back to post the start. 🙂

      Sorry you didn’t get a lot of sleep. While I had a lot, it must not have been the highest quality. Might I suggest a nap later… 😉

      I’ll touch base later this afternoon to see if there is interest in doing Moonlight.

      • Bonnie says:

        Okie doke. I’m 50/50 at best at this point. Yesterday I probably spent two days worth of fun money and cheat calories! 😁 I’ll see how my chores go…

      • Fair. I’m 50/50 mostly because of my eyelid. And I probably don’t need any extra calories today either… 🙄

  2. Steve says:

    Where to start… The new U23 hour record was actually a pretty easy gig. The kid is no bigger than a minute, very polite and appreciative. 45 and change km’s in an hour! That’s 28 mph, boys and girls. And it wasn’t in the best of conditions.

    My plan had been to crash Friday after the ride at a friends in Greenville, but he was under the weather. As we actually started the ride early to try and beat the weather, I was able to come home.

    Saturday, we got the cameras working in the barn. I had to “redesign” my network as the old AP finally died after one too many reboots. I’ll add an AP in the man cave so I can have internet out there, but for now, it’s just supporting the cameras with their little receiver.

    Sunday I met up with an old coworker who lives near ground zero of the Newnan tornado. He and his wife were incredibly lucky. Their house is on top of a hill and except for a bit of roof damage and water leakage, were spared much damage. The trees, on the other hand… the big trees in the yard had already been removed early in the cleanup. We tackled a dogwood that had hit their carport and did a bit of damage, one other dogwood, then took care of some fallen trees in his “back 40”. Most of those trees still standing have been topped by the tornado and will require professionals and a crane to take down.

    Already received a load of crusher run for some work by the barn and sitting here busily catching up after last week.


    • Excuse my ITP ignorance but was there a tornado in Newan over the weekend? I did see a line of red on the radar when I was consulting the weather on Saturday.

      • Steve says:

        Negative- Thursday, 3 weeks ago. I had messaged him a day after, just checking in and he only got back to me last week.

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