Another US Income Tax Day that is not US Tax Day. Hooray? Note to self: contact tax preparer on Monday.

Off to Spring Tune Up today since thankfully the only affects (effects? Shit, I don’t know) from jab #2 are a sore shoulder and a slight hangover feeling. Not bad.

Hoping for good weather, and good times this weekend (yes, I realize it’s only Thursday).

Stay well, may or may not post tomorrow.

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3 Responses to 2021-04-15

  1. Bonnie says:

    Whew! I hope you remain in the clear!

    • I’m optimistic that I am in the clear, especially since I won’t be riding until tomorrow. Now the rest of my chronic ailments, they are always factors…

  2. Steve says:

    Well fuck. typed a post and didn’t hit send.

    I managed to get a little wet on my ride yesterday. It didn’t look too bad at the start, but I made the best of it by short cutting home. Baptized my “new” shoes at a creek crossing, so that’s over.

    Apparently, we left one of 3 cameras running as it’s now dead. These are battery operated and they really hold up well- unless you leave them up all night. And maybe it’s something else… we shall see.

    I hope you don’t get too much rain. Tomorrow should be great and Saturday not so much.

    And still no baby…

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