Happy Earth Day! Is wishing someone a happy Earth Day a thing?

It’s 5:35am and I am debating going to the old Waschsalon this morning to do four loads — whites, colored, exercise clothes / cycling kits, filthy WLF clothes — of laundry. But it’s cold outside 🥶 and I don’t want to get out of bed! It’s so cold outside that the heat has kicked on a couple times overnight and this morning.

Yesterday’s revelation about the amount of shade cast on WLF has given me some concern about the production I will achieve, but I’m committed to the game and will have to see what I can do. Before the sun set last evening I decided that the temperature would drop enough to warrant covering a few of my more frost-hating plants, such as potato plants and pepper seedlings. I’m glad that I purchased those frost blankets when they were on clearance at Lowe’s last December. 🤓 Oh, I forgot about one of my tomato plants… 😬

I have so much to learn and this doesn’t pertain solely to “farming” either. 2021 has been, and will continue to be, a year of discovery and change for me.

I saw another green lizard, or perhaps the same green lizard, in WLF again yesterday.

There is a cardinal nest in one of the small trees next to my neighbor’s house. I can hear the baby birds bellowing for their meals when I walk past the tree. I know that it’s a cardinal nest because I’ve seen momma and papa flying around for awhile.

While I accomplished some chores yesterday there are still many more on my plate, which is the size of a serving platter in order to hold them all.

As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, I spent about an hour chewing up branches. I’m still a long way from completely cleaning up the entire backyard, but I am making progress.

A few weeks ago Bonnie saved a flat-package side table from being thrown out. I had mentioned seeing it on a curb while walking to her house one day, and she thoughtfully snagged it on her walk home that night. Yesterday, I put the table together. While not the most stylish thing you’ve ever seen, it’s sturdy enough and will make a nice addition to the basement. The table is made of pressboard and would be completely destroyed by rain, otherwise it would have found a place out in WLF.

For Top Chef viewing I baked a $2.75 Aldi frozen pizza for dinner last night. I added some toppings of bell pepper and jalapeño pepper (also sourced from Aldi as we are nowhere near the thought of reaping any from WLF this year), and it was delicious.

My beloved Werder Bremen Bundesliga soccer team lost another game yesterday. As they continue to drop in the standings, they are currently in 14th place out of eighteen teams, I am back to worrying that they will be relegated to the second division League 2. It that happens I will no longer be able to watch their games and will most likely stop following them so closely. A wise man once said that 2021 was about discovery and change… 🤔

Stay warm, stay healthy.

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28 Responses to 2021-04-22

  1. It’s now 6:30am and I am still under the covers.

  2. Even after all of the calories I burned riding last weekend, some of which were not recorded because my AppleWatch paused during two of my rides 😢, I have to burn another 3100 calories by the end of the month in order to earn my April reward badge. Damn, Apple. Damn!

    To be fair, STU is the only reason I stand a chance of getting this month’s reward badge.

  3. Steve says:

    And then there was a baby!! At 11:05 last night, a buckskin colt (boy) came into the world as we watched. Momma had been a whirling dervish for a couple hours- couldn’t get comfortable. You could see something moving on her belly, most likely a hoof as he shifted around into launch position. Finally, after laying down a couple times and pushing, along with a little help from Debbie (pulling) he plopped right out.

    With such a reasonable entry hour, we were mostly able to get some sleep last night. Mom and baby appear fine this morning. The vet will be out a little later to do a wellness check.



  4. Bonnie says:

    Today I will join Davey Crochet and theoretically some others to hike, pick up some trash, and drink some beer at Schoolhouse Brewing. If I get going early enough I plan to make an extra stop in Sandy Springs to purchase a Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area annual parking pass.

    Oh, and I’m fully vaccinated today! 🙂

  5. Bonnie says:

    Oh yeah! Yesterday while giving REI some more money and using up my Christmas gift cards, I came away with a less-than-half-price pair of Hoka running shoes (used; worn twice) and the same deal on a vest-style hydration pack (sans bladder but I don’t want a used bladder anyway). Woot!

  6. Barb says:

    Hanging at the Honda dealer for my 1st oil change on the CRV. They tried to upsell me on a tire rotation & balance ($75), I said… at 5000 miles? Then he said… we will check the tread & let you know if we think it’s necessary. I hate car dealerships. Also, it’s been almost an hour, you’d think they can do this shit faster.

    Steve & Debbie- congrats on the baby!!! Will you be keeping it forever?

    • Steve says:

      That is yet to be determined. We are negotiating who stays and who goes. Phinney will be here forever, I really like Mickey (he’s very sweet and if the gates were open he’d follow me like a puppy). Ceili is Debbie’s A horse at the moment. A buckskin mom who has a buckskin baby would be very marketable…
      Lots of choices

  7. Temperature has exceeded 50ºF, covers have been removed. Plants look good.

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