At the Waschsalon after a very poor night of sleep.

Hope you are healthier and happier

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Ugh, me too! I think I’ve been up since 4:00ish. *Hugs*

    Fun day yesterday with Barb and friends hiking, picking up trash (lots and lots of candy wrappers and plastic bottle lids 😡) and drinking a couple beers. Today is all about chores and errands, then hopefully relaxing with a friend or two tonight. But first, I have to drag my very sore legs to the gym… No lower body workout today me thinks.

  2. Just watched a squirrel across the street deliberately fall from an aluminum awning in order to land on someone‘a patio/deck. 😲

  3. Steve says:

    Good morning from 1000 Peachtree. I do love me some pandemic traffic. 55 minutes, 70+ MPH.

    After Debbie called the vet for a wellness check at 8:30 yesterday morning, they showed up at 9:15 LAST NIGHT! It’s a busy time of year for an equine vet. All good reports on Tanner. Debbie was worried that he wasn’t very spunky. The vet reported he will either be sleeping or nursing, so this is par for the course.

    Yesterday’s adventure in tractor ownership was frustrating. I have an oil light (very bad) and one of the tests is to take out the sensor and see if there is pressure. When I did that and ran the engine for a second, oil went everywhere! Pressure good. Sadly, the NAPA guy sold me a replacement sensor that doesn’t fit…. really close, but that doesn’t count. Mahindra is the only source, even though it’s a Mitsubishi engine. Ordered from a dealer in Alabama- we’ll see.

    Already kicking ass around here…

    Have a great Friday.


  4. May have lost a wool sock at the Waschsalon. Probably didn’t check washing machine well enough, hoping it’s static clinging to another piece of laundry — they tend to do so.

    More frustrations with ITP Estate home network (old hardware might be asking to be replaced)

    New frustrations with “XYZ Corp”.

    Continuing to keep fingers crossed about WLF’s viability. Things looking good now, if not a little industrial out there with all of my hacks. Obviously little sunshine today, very little tomorrow.

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