I am playing the breakfast long game this morning. I am not at all hungry, even after 7:00am, so I am (over)baking, oops, a breakfast casserole on which I will snack today and make meals from during the remainder of the week.

It’s no surprise that I have no hunger this morning given the gigantic burrito and side of vegan chili that I ate last night at 97 Estoria. 97 Estoria? Oh that’s because I plan to reuse that next week as the start of my Moonlite trail.

In addition to working my paying gig, I puttered around WLF a lot yesterday. I took down a large branch of a privet tree that was “stealing” light from the FGP of WLF. Later in the afternoon I brought out the chipper/shredder and chewed up the newly-downed branches along with some others that I had collected over the past week or so. I also transplanted some leeks, a crop that I have yet to master getting past the teeny-weeny plant size. And finally I did a little reaping by harvesting two fantastic radishes and one beautiful pak choi.

The harvested vegetables were added to my lunch of an instant noodle soup that I bought at Aldi. The fresh vegetables elevated the meal to another level. Pity I don’t have any other pak choi or radishes ready for harvesting, because they were delicious.

Today I expect to do things a little differently. In addition to my work for “XYZ Corp” I will be getting some exercise in the form of a walk (I wish that I could make time for a ride), and hanging out with Bonnie for a little while; I’ll have to start giving her tips on how to age gracefully…. as if I knew. 😂

Hope you are happy and well.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 181.8 pounds (+0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); not great, but considering the calories I have consumed recently, I’m not upset.

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16 Responses to 2021-04-27

  1. Bonnie says:

    Sorry I am taking you away from a potential ride. (We are refinancing the house today and stupid Georgia law requires another witness other than the bank-appointed witness and Paulie graciously will provide his services.) We will make it worth your time by taking you to Red’s Beer Garden for dinner. #birthdayweek

  2. Steve says:

    My day went completely off the rails about 11 with a knock on the door from the county zoning enforcement. Apparently, the neighbor called about all our pasture dirt that ended up in their pond. I took the afternoon off so I could dig out the drainage along the road, ran to Lowes for another 200′ of silt fence and managed to get a lot of the dirt picked up. Still work to do, but everyone should be happy with the effort.


    Will there be a decent walking option for your trail next week?


    • Hmm, I always hate it when “neighbors” go to the authorities without first taking it out with the affected party. Sorry.

      Yes, there will be a long/short. The long will be no longer than five miles, the short should be less than four miles. Given the area, there will be very little shiggy.

    • Barb says:

      Steve- that sucks.
      But, you never know what’s going to happen until there’s a good rainstorm.
      Hope you get it fixed to make everyone happy.

      That’s why we were at Annette’s new house yesterday, the drainage wasn’t planned all that well for their backyard, so trying to come up with an easy way to fix it. ( they now get to present our ideas to the HOA, what a pain)

    • Bob says:

      I have a lot of experience with “neighbors” like that. So far I’m getting the last laugh as she installed her fence backwards which is against code so now she gets to re-install the entire fence 🙂

      I’m hoping she sells that house to end this BS.

  3. Barb says:

    What time is Reds? You never know, we might show up? Allan has never been there.

    • Depends on Bonnie’s paperwork. I am due at her house at 5:30pm. I assume we will head to Red’s directly after the paperwork is completed.

    • Bonnie says:

      Paulie is correct. I have no idea how long the refinance paperwork with the attorney takes but we will head over to Red’s immediately thereafter. We can keep you posted. Bring proof of vaccination for a free can of Montucky Cold Snack lager (4.1%).

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