Oh boy, what a whirlwind weekend!

On Friday night I hung around a small fire with some friends as we drank red wine and ate pasta. It was quite a relaxing evening.

And then on Saturday the rain and wind arrived; apparently so did some hail. WLF survived the storm which is more than I can say for some of the neighbors I saw who were dealing with downed limbs and trees. Saturday also saw me going to Value Village with Bonnie to buy a dress for yesterday’s Wheelhopper Spring Dress ride. I believe that svelte Paulie pulled off the ensemble well. 🙂

With the exception of one minor incident where I hasher was goofing around with my bicycle helmet and it fell onto the sidewalk before I could stop him, and even in a dress a bit of Wee Little Hulk emerged, the Wheelhopper ride was fun.

This weekend I scored some pot! Wait no, I scored some pots that were being discarded by some of my neighbors.

This morning I have already made a Lowe’s run. Of. Course…

I will probably go to Moonlite tonight if for no other reason than to pimp the fact that I am laying trail next Monday night; of course my attendance is predicated on a start ever getting posted. I’d hoped to be joined tonight by Bonnie, but something about today being her birthday or something is taking precedence.

Hope you had a happy and healthy weekend.

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9 Responses to 2021-04-26

  1. Bonnie says:

    Svelte Paulie indeed pulled off his dress. 😁

  2. Bonnie says:

    Wheelhopper marked my second time riding with my SPD shoes and I didn’t fall over on anyone. 😁

  3. Steve says:

    Saturday had 2 groups of visitors stop in to see Tanner- fox hunt Jill and her daughter, and Debbie’s college roommate Meg and daughter Ella. Meg managed to find a nail with one of her tires, so I changed her tire while they looked at the baby. We didn’t get a huge amount of rain in the first wave, but the afternoon wave, though brief, was torrential. There were new channels formed in some bare dirt near the new drain pipe that will need repair and a fair amount of dirt made it to the neighbors pond. The silt fence needs some love, too.

    Sunday was an early Lowes run with a stop at Drunkin Donuts. My attempt of spreading the crabgrass seed mixed with sand worked, but my ratios and spreader settings need adjustment- what was supposed to cover an acre covered about a tenth. And of what did make it on the ground, probably that much got blown away in the wind.

    Very little exercise, but a scooter ride yesterday…


  4. Barb says:

    Happy birthday Bonnie!

    Spring Dress pictures looked very festive.

    Decided to do some yard work (weeding) Saturday afternoon after the morning rain, ended up at Pike’s buying way too much stuff. Now have a bunch of shrubbery along a fence line so we will see less of a neighbor, a replacement azalea (found a dead one), a new rose bush, and some other small things.

    Sunday was a morning walk with Davey, then an afternoon Parrothead party.
    Might go Mtn biking today. It’s going to be a nice day.

  5. No start posted as of 10:00am, therefore I am going to do a 180º spin and say that I am NOT going to the hash tonight. I have a bunch of chores for WLF that I will do instead.

  6. Barb says:

    Survived Mtn biking, did some consulting at Mark & Annette’s new house. Now need to cut grass….

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