Oh hi. I’m still really busy which puzzles me since I seem to be accomplishing so little especially in regards to “XYZ Corp”.

Yesterday I did manage to make time to get a haircut. I also popped into Home Depot and bought two “T Posts” that I will use to construct one of my tomato trellises. I do need to figure out how to level the ground on which my tomato grow bags will sit so that I can water them evenly.

I continue to be baffled and saddened by the lack of identification of the variety of the plants I have growing in WLF. In some cases it’s clear user error, which bothers me since I am the only user. In some cases it’s the failure of the marker I used to write the information on the label; the marker I used was the one supplied with the plant ID labels but the sun has completely bleached all of the information from the plastic label. It’s going to be a surprise garden!

I’m amazed how much soil and time is required to transplant plants. I transplanted six unidentifiable tomato plants into grow bags yesterday, and have at least a dozen more at the same stage with another dozen in the seedling stage? It might be time to give away some plants… I do not have this problem with peppers because there has been a very poor germination rate with them, and I (or more accurately fungus gnats) have killed many seedlings.

I’m researching recipes which include Swiss chard since some of it is ready to harvest but I have never previously cooked with it.

Yesterday I was lauded for my correct usage of the word “champing” instead of “chomping” in the phrase “champing at the bit”.

I somehow strained/pulled a muscle in my back last night and have no clue when nor how.

As the sun begins to rise this morning I’ll be quietly mowing the front lawn with the engine-less Hipster Mower.

Later this morning I will be driving some recyclables over to CHaRM, which will make me happy to get these items out of the house and carport.

German class? Maybe. I attempted and failed to study last night and probably won’t have the time today. It might be time to abandon ship, a phrase I have no idea how to say in German.

We’ve made past the halfway point, hope you have done so healthfully and happily.

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19 Responses to 2021-04-29

  1. 7:50am, lawn is mown, WLF cleaned up a bit, and pea plants transplanted next to a makeshift pea trellis constructed from chicken wire.

    Taking a ten minute break before cranking up the productivity engine again.

  2. Steve says:

    As I had a 5PM troubleshooting call, I signed off about 2 and was able to get another section of silt fence installed. As I worked, the neighbor (who I think is the complainer) drove to his driveway and stopped to look at the work on the road. I wasn’t really visible without them turning their heads backwards, but they stopped for a minute or more. I don’t know if I should expect another visit from the county or not. I need to call him and consult, so maybe I’ll reach out.

    Dinner was at “Jim and Nicks” BBQ, which has opened near Peachtree City and just happens to be right in front of Costco. Busy, but reasonably quick service- for an order at the counter and find a seat place. Not our favorite system, but we might go back.

    Hoping to get seed on the ground before a little light rain later this weekend. No monsoon, TYFM.


    • Your “neighbor” seems like a pain in the ass. I’m sure that in a perfect world his pond shouldn’t be soiled by your dirt, but it’s not like you cleared it for no reason and plan to leave it a barren wasteland, right?

    • Barb says:

      Steve- a lot of places seem to be going to that sort of ordering system, another way to work with the lack of staff. Many BBQ places have always been that way, but I’m noticing it more & more.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I’m abandoning my idea of a 47-mile birthday bike ride. I just woke up, whoops. I should have just gotten up when the husband left for his trip early this morning, but I was tired. However, I’m sure I’ll find a less-adventurous adventure for today. 😁

  4. First one at CHaRM, in and out! I’m not really sure if I am saving the planet by doing this recycling, but hey ho. I wish I wasn’t such a consumer, that would help the planet more…

  5. Listening to the “Breakfast with Boz” podcast from Wahoo featuring former World Tour rider Ian Boswell, and heard the term “Stravanoia” meaning “The paranoia brought on by seeing your Strava friends do a lot more exercising than you.” 😂

    • Bonnie says:

      Truth! I do use it for motivation, but there are times it depresses me. Hey, just like all social media! 😂🙄

  6. Steve says:

    I had just called the county enforcement guy and he shows up 10 minutes later… just a coincidence! He approved the work I’ve done and made a couple suggestions. He said the neighbor was never going to be satisfied, so just do your best. He was happy with the effort.

    • Bob says:

      I find that to be the case with county people, if you are making an effort they are cool with it. Doesn’t have to be perfect and doesn’t have to be right this second but if you are making progress they will have your back.

    • Sounds like you will be repairing a dike, just keep plugging the holes as needed. Good luck!

  7. Unfortunately just sacrificed two of my large cabbage plants because they had been extensively chewed upon, and had some sort of goop that looked like eggs. I was too late covering that bed, live and learn.

  8. Barb says:

    Been a busy morning (haha).
    Took a bunch of empty boxes & packing paper over to a friend (another one moving to FL). Her sedan could not haul it. Got lunch out of it for delivering.

    Paulie- we have a lot of tomato plant “fencing” if you need any, since our garden has been pared down, we have plenty of extra.

    I of my 2 basil plants looks terrible, no idea what’s chewing on it.
    All but 1 of the little tomato plants I got from a neighbor are growing, it will be replaced with a jalapeño one day soon.

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