According to my pillbox we’ve made it to Friday! And according to today’s title we’ve made it to the end of another month!

Yesterday had its ups and downs. I was glad to make my quick trip down to CHaRM as I was able to get rid of some styrofoam (packing for the A/V receiver I purchased recently), the broken A/V receiver that caused me to buy a new one, the box of electronics that used to be my broken television, some glass containers, scrap metal, and a lot of plastic bags that once housed the dirt/compost that I’ve been using in WLF.

I spent some time in WLF yesterday.

  • My efforts to keep white cabbage moth out of one of my brassica beds failed; I noticed that something was eating cabbage leaves (always a bad sign), found (and promptly killed) three caterpillars, the offspring of white cabbage moths. In addition to destroying the caterpillars, I composted the two cabbage plants on which they munched and pooped.
  • I planted (my last batch?) of potatoes, now I need to learn when to harvest them.
  • I harvested some Swiss chard for my dinner.
  • I was going to harvest some Napa cabbage leaves for my dinner as well. The variety of Napa cabbage I bought didn’t form that stereotypical Napa cabbage head, instead it has grown large leaves. The leaves look delicious, but in harvesting them I discovered they have a prickly feeling to them. I didn’t want to risk ruining my dinner by including these leaves. I’ll have to try to cook some on their own to see if the prickliness goes away.
  • I knocked in the two T posts I bought Wednesday in an effort to get my tomato trellis underway. I have tomato plants at the ready and soon they will grow and want the support.

Still plenty of work to do on the farm, but it’s taking shape.

My dinner last night was an experiment in which I fried some tofu with vegetables and a sauce that I concocted from a recipe I saw on the internet yesterday. The meal was good, but it really needed more spice to satisfy me.

I may be a quitter. More on this as the story continues to unfold…

This weekend?
Today I will be working and puttering around WLF — so nothing special. Oh! I may wander up to the village to visit the newly-opened brewery whose name I never remember correctly since I keep calling it “Hippity Hops”.

I will be walking with Betsy and Bella tomorrow morning, and then expecting to go to Commie Hash in the afternoon. As with everything in the (hashing) world things have changed and the cast of characters laying Commie Hash are not the stalwarts; this year Davey is laying it. Who knows, I might even attempt to do a “running” trail for the first time since August. 😬
I may join Davey’s walk on Sunday as well.

A happy and healthy Friday to you!

And don’t forget, tomorrow is the First of May (um, this song is NSFW), when outdoor fucking starts. 🙄😂

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5 Responses to 2021-04-30

  1. I just saw an article in The Washington Post stating that the country is on its way to a chicken shortage. Another reason I’m glad to be eating less meat these days.

  2. Steve says:

    I managed to work, attend an officials zoom call, and get the spreader to flow at a slow enough rate for the crabgrass seed. I seeded 1 acre, or about what I think is an acre and the spreader worked OK. Monkey’d with the aperture at the end to clear a jam, then left it open to finish. And just a little rain last night was perfect.

    Might be riding my bike back from the tire store shortly.

    And we got the fencing quotes. The T post and wire is the cheapest at 17k, with the wood post, wire and top board at 28k. Still trying to wrap my wallet around that!


  3. Yikes!
    It probably doesn’t help that the cost of lumber is insanely high at the moment. I’m waiting until it drops to buy a few pieces of wood for WLF.

    Oops, this was supposed to be a reply comment.

  4. Going to reccy Monday night’s trail using Google Maps. Shooting for 4.5 miles for the long, and a little more than three for the short.

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