I got a lot of exercise this weekend.
I also consumed a lot of calories.

On Saturday I “ran” the Pinelake hash. While the trail wasn’t long, it was difficult for me as I not been able to run at all since last August. Note to Self: riding a bicycle is more fun. 😁

Yesterday I joined Davey’s walking group. We met at Zoo Atlanta. From the zoo we walked down to the Beacon and zipped around the farmers market, at which I bought a loaf of bread and a coffee, and sized up the farming “competition”. From the Beacon we wandered to Red’s Beer Garden for lunch and a couple of beers, before wandering back to a the Beacon where we made beer stops at Elsewhere Brewing and Eventide. C’mon most of is are hashers, what did you expect? In total I walked about 7.5 miles yesterday.

Yesterday morning I also puttered around WLF, transplanting some vegetables and flowers, sowed a few seeds, and put together a set of plants that that I gifted to Betsy — I called it playing Plantaclaus. 😂

Today I will do a little more of the same in WLF before fretting about how today’s predicted rain is going to impact my Moonlite trail tonight. 😬

Hope you had a good, and extremely healthy weekend.

April 2021 Summary

04/01 – ?, V, nothing 😢
04/02 – ?, V, yard work 🙂
04/03 – ?, V, walking, yard work 😁
04/04 – ?, M, cycling 😁
04/05 – ?, V, yard work, walking 😁
04/06 – 181.6, V, yard work 😁
04/07 – ?, V, nothing 😐
04/08 – ?, V, walking 😐
04/09 – ?, V, walking 🙂
04/10 – ?, V, nothing / yard work 😐
04/11 – ?, V, walking 😀
04/12 – ?, V, yard work 😐
04/13 – 181.8, V, nothing 😕
04/14 – ?, V, nothing 🙁 💉 #2 🥳
04/15 – ?, M, nothing 😐
04/16 – ?, M, cycling 😁
04/17 – ?, V, cycling 😁
04/18 – ?, V, cycling 😁
04/19 – ?, V, nothing 😐
04/20 – 181.6, M, nothing 😐
04/21 – ?, V, yard work 😐
04/22 – ?, V, nothing 😐
04/23 – ?, M, yard work 😕
04/24 – ?, M, nothing 😢
04/25 – ?, V, walking, cycling 🙂
04/26 – ?, V, yard work 😐
04/27 – 181.8, V, nothing 😢
04/28 – ?, V, nothing 😐
04/29 – ?, V, yard work 😐
04/30 – ?, V, nothing 😕

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25 Responses to 2021-05-03

  1. Steve says:

    There was effort this weekend, but little exercise. Friday there was silt fence, loading and unloading 35 bales of hay and the seed got spread. While I was picking up hay, Debbie called and reported she was on her way to give the seed to the fertilizer guys in Woodbury. They would mix it in and then spread it. They did that Friday and it took at most about 20 minutes! So much for all my work.

    Saturday, a bit more silt fence then helping a friend load a U-Haul truck in Norcross. It would have been a piece of cake except for a flight of stairs! I managed to get home just in time (traffic was nutz) to go to the Derby party. After 2 bourbon punches, I was feeling no pain! We bet $60 and Debbie won $100, so we turned a little profit.

    After Tanner escaped the “hot” wire for the second time, Debbie insisted it really be hot, so I spent yesterday hopefully making that happen. I just know I kept getting zapped!

    I hoped to get on my bike at some point Sunday, but it wasn’t happening. Maybe if it doesn’t rain much today.


  2. ITP Lurker says:

    Saturday was new bike day for me. A 2020 Trek Domane SLR-6. It’s a complete rock star bike, hydraulic disk brakes, all carbon, fast as hell. I rode 50 miles yesterday with a friend, covering Stone Mountain to Summerhill. I did a few sprints at points but I’ll need to ride on my own to truly see what the bike can do. It’s a *much* better bike than I ever expected to own in my lifetime, and now I completely understand why someone would drop $7K on a new bike. I also learned that bikes depreciate like hell, the model I have can be bought for $4,000 these days (because it’s last year’s model), whereas it retailed at $7,000 last year. That’s just nuts. After last weekend’s 50 mile ride I was concerned if I’d be ready for the Georgia 400 Century at the end of next month. After yesterday’s 50 mile ride, I know I’ll do just fine.

    • Steve says:

      Really excited for you and your new ride! Update the homeowners insurance policy!

    • Bonnie says:

      Woot woot! Congratulations. 🙂

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Thanks, Bonnie! (and Paulie, your site just called me out, “You’re posting comments to quickly. Slow down!” Sheesh!

    • Nice!

      Still highly suggest you train in the area for GA400. There is nothing more humbling than a hill on which you must dismount in order to get to the top. I know from experience…

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Oh, I’d definitely training. I just know that with the new bike on top of my training I’ll be fine. I agree on hills, there was many that I had to walk up about a year ago. I got tired of that shit.

    • Barb says:

      New bike fun! Congrats!
      There are plenty of hills in the city, so I know you are doing plenty of climbing, but Roswell & Alpharetta have plenty of steep ones. Neighborhoods don’t seem to care how steep their roads are.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Thanks, Barb. Yes, I’m making sure to get lots of hill training in. The good thing about hills is that although they go up, but they also go down as well!

  3. Still keeping my eyes on the radar. To be truthful I have no desire to lay trail in the rain, and my ending has no covering. I’ll contact Sani later to see what her decision is on whether or not to cancel and just have “drinking practice” somewhere.

  4. Steve says:

    Just saw the county do a “drive by”. I guess if he doesn’t stop he must think I’m doing a good job!?! As he said, the neighbor isn’t satisfied, no matter what I do. Oh well.

  5. Bob says:

    Hang on to your hats ITP’ers, looks like some nasty weather coming your way

  6. Now I just need for the rain to stop and stay stopped so that I can lay my trail.

    • Steve says:

      According to the radar, it looks like it’s clearing out, but the forecast says otherwise.

      I watch Windy.com for my radar and they have lightning strikes appear on the map, then little circles for the thunder! Except I’m 30 seconds or more behind, it’s kinda cool.

    • Barb says:

      Allan & I both woke up feeling crappy, not sure why, but I slept most of the morning. Tylenol is kicking in, headache feeling a little better.

      Weekend was fun, helped Davey lay trail, & by help I mean I carried flour in my backpack in case he needed it.
      Sunday Allan & I decided to ride the Southside trail. Made the mistake of doing the Advanced (black) loop, rock gardens were no joke, walked lots of that 2 miles. The other 2 loops were fun. Didn’t realize that park is very close to Station 34, so Allan is thinking he might be able get a ride in while at work.

      • Steve says:

        Cool, Barb. When I first saw that, I thought you meant those new trails over in East Point. I need to go ride some of those.

        • Barb says:

          Not sure where theEast Point trails are. This park is just barely inside the perimeter on Jonesboro Rd.

  7. Steve says:

    And for you weather forecasters… we now have partly sunny skies and no wind. Hash at your own discretion.

    • We are not out of the woods yet, spots of rain predicted until 8pm.

      I am harvesting as much rainwater as possible. Reminds me to again think about getting a proper rain barrel.

    • Pissing down rain again. I probably could have captured at least 100 gallons of water today. With my current setup I’ll be able to fill a 25 gallon trashcan.

  8. Hoping not to lose any of my potato plants. Some of them do not look very happy after all of the rain we have had.

  9. Steve says:

    Have had several good showers… quite enough to erase flour marks.

    I think I lost one end of a silt fence, but otherwise they held. Went down to the road at lunch and where I dug out the dirt is now quite full of water. If I clear that culvert, as was suggested, all that pretty orange water will be in the pond!

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