Yesterday I mentioned changes, here’s one: I am no longer working for “XYZ Corp”. I am still employed, at least for now. As of yesterday it (finally) became public knowledge that “XYZ Corp” (aka “Ionic Security”) has been acquired by Twilio; I have been sitting on this news for at least a month but couldn’t say anything. Sadly I made no money on the acquisition as my stock options were worthless, and, I’m not sure that my skill set is any better suited for Twilio than it has been for the last three years at Ionic. So, today begins a “let’s see what happens next” phase of my life…

Instead of going to the hash last night I spent a few hours messing about with WLF yesterday afternoon, wearing myself out. My first task was to feed a bunch of small branches through Wee Little Chipper; I still have many thicker trees and branches with which to deal. After I had my fill of chipping I decided to perform a farming experiment by planting five tomato plants directly into the soil that surrounded the pine tree. I also encased each plant with one of the tomato cages acquired from Barb and Allan. Fingers crossed these plants will thrive; time will tell. I continue to adjust the layout of WLF, with more to come. I also planted the last of my seed potatoes since they looked as if they were yearning to be put into soil. I am close to harvesting the first batch of “early” potatoes that I planted in March. 🤞🏼

Today is the day that I need to get through without feeling itchy in hopes that I didn’t get any poison ivy on Sunday’s hash. I am not feeling very optimistic that I have been spared because I think I already started to feel itching last night. ☹️

I’m also poorer now that the Federal and State IRS agencies have scooped out more money from my bank account yesterday. ☹️

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 179.4 pounds 🥳 (-0.8 from last week’s weigh-in); if I can avoid getting poison ivy this is a great week.

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  1. The need for a brassica — think “leafy greens” — bed is real. I just had to pull and compost one of my two remaining cabbage plants because it had been decimated by caterpillars. POOP!

  2. Steve says:

    I’m surprised I haven’t noticed any PI. Last nights’ rock and root pickup detail with Debbie had me scratching, but that was due to wading through the high grass. We have to pick up the rocks and roots before getting in there with the bush hog, but we also have to wait until the rye finishes seeding out for next season. I think we walked and picked up about a fifth. The good news is the crabgrass is starting to show. Not surprisingly, mostly in the erosion collection spots where the seed and fertilizer washed!! Oh well, the life of a farmer.

    In the orifice again today to do some wireless measurement and prove to a vendor he has a problem and my network is fine. Good times.

    Glad your job continues… employment is sometimes necessary as beer costs money.


    • Truth be told the cost of health insurance is the biggest motivator for me to stay employed, well, that and not knowing how long I am going to live and how much money I will need to cover that.

  3. Barb says:

    Home from AZ.
    Hard to get to sleep at a decent time last night, then hard to get up this morning at a decent time.
    1st job done, grocery store run.
    Next up- yard work.
    Glad it is cloudy, nice break from the hot sun of AZ.

  4. Frustrating day at WLF. I just pulled the last cabbage plant because caterpillars were destroying it too, and yanked a bucket of under-performing radishes, yielding only two small ones.

    I’d really like to up my farming game. Going back to the drawing board…

  5. Bonnie says:

    *Fist bump* Paulie on the weight loss. I’m still not weighing myself. Ugh. I do believe I have some poison ivy but I think it’s from Black Sheep. I’m sure more will crop up from Wheelhopper…

    • Thanks.

      I can’t believe that I didn’t think to wear my poison ivy leggings for Wheelhopper. I guess I am out of hashing practice, and the Wheelhoppers we have done have not gone into much brush.

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