It’s no surprise that I was completely spent early last night, it was an action-packed weekend for me.

Friday was relaxed and chill. I spent the afternoon working in WLF and the evening hanging around a small fire, drinking beer. Bonnie came by and brought some veggie burgers and buns, and we grilled out dinner. It’s a pity that none of the lettuce nor tomatoes in WLF were ready to eat on our burgers.

I was elated to find some turnips have emerged in one of WLF’s raised beds! 🎉 Now to figure out how I want to cook them…

I was up and at it early on Saturday morning with a trip to Lowe’s for yet more compost and manure. I couldn’t get my mind straight about what rebar I wanted so I passed on that for the time being. After Lowe’s I joined Betsy at Bonnie’s house where we were served coffee and breakfast before walking around Glenwood Park during its annual multi-family garage sale. We shouldn’t have dilly dallied as much as we did, but we all managed to come away with things. I considered myself to be the victor because most of what I picked up was free to me! 🎉 I got the base for a planter that was in a recycling bin (it’s ceramic, so I don’t think it’s recyclable), a stack of plastic pots that were on a garbage bin, and a brand new basket/drawer for an Elfa shelf system.

After the yard sale we wandered to get lunch at OK Yaki, a relatively new restaurant on Moreland, and followed that with ice cream from Morelli’s. 🎉

Saturday evening saw Bonnie and me driving down to Newnan to attend a party at Bonnie’s friend’s house. While most people danced inside I built a large fire in their fire pit in the backyard and relaxed. Bonnie’s friend put us up for the evening, yay for vaccinations! 🎉

Yesterday it was Bonnie’s turn to drive, taking us up to Bob’s Wheelhopper trail. I had high hopes for my riding which were quickly dashed by trails that are above my pay grade. I hiked a bike. I started having difficulty unclipping and had a few scares. I had a low-speed spill into weeds, and probably poison ivy. And then my fun ended and Wee Little Hulk emerged. At the beer stop I bailed on riding more trail and rode roads back to the start. Bob, it’s not you, it’s me… but you knew that. 😂 It was an excellent trail for riders with skill and kudos to Bonnie for not being as childish as I am and completing it! 🙌🏼

Back at the ITP Estate I baked a pizza, ate half, and then passed out.

Another busy day for me today. I want to skip Moonlight tonight, but I may need to make an appearance to return Sani’s hoodie that she left at the end of my hash last Monday night. We’ll see.

Going to be a week of change, stay tuned…

Hope your weekend was 💯 and that you are remaining healthy.

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  1. Oh yeah, now once again on the brink of their first ever relegation out of the top level Bundesliga, my beloved Werder Bremen fired their coach this weekend. While I respect the man and think he’s a good coach, his team didn’t do enough to keep him employed. I just hope it’s not too late to save the season…

  2. Steve says:

    Friday, after topping off my tank, headed to meet with the Po po at Stone Mountain. They like our plans and will be able to work with them. Made a stop a WLF to pass off the angle grinder. It’s amazing how much you have done, Paulie. It was a brief stop at WLF, as I had to rush home to assist Debbie in loading Daisy and Tanner for a weekend at the clinic. I didn’t realize Daisy had a date with the baby daddy!! Hopefully baby number 2 is now under construction.

    For some strange reason, I decided to go for a RUN on Saturday. I believe this is the first run in at least 6 months, maybe more. The whole 2 miles had 5 or 6 walk breaks, but I wasn’t displeased, considering.

    Sunday was a great Wheelhopper. Bob’s trail was a challenge on my CX bike, but except for some shifting issues and one slight tumble, I thought I held up OK. The shifting issues made me cut trail short, but it was still a good day. Nice to see Laura and Travis. I was pretty much cooked by the time I got home and did little but eat and crash. I do have a small goose egg from my unscheduled landing, but it isn’t really painful. And no PI to speak of.


    • Bonnie says:

      Sorry I didn’t get to see you more. I didn’t realize you’d be gone when I got in. I ride slooow! My watch said I did 13 miles and rode 4.5 MPH average.

      • Steve says:

        That was a tough trail and you are new to this, so I know it was a challenge. Sorry I didn’t at least say goodbye…

  3. Bonnie says:

    To say I’m exhausted would be an understatement. My allergies/sinuses are still a bother. Good thing all I have to do today is plan and pack for a camping trip that I embark on tomorrow.

  4. Barb says:

    Sounds like tough WH trail, Sal said the same thing.
    Maybe I’m not bummed I missed it.

    We had a relaxing day for out last full day in AZ. Met up with Jammies & his wife Vero for brunch – so fun to see old hashing friends. Then spent the afternoon in the pool, it was only 91, and there was a nice little breeze, it was surprisingly pleasant.

    Flight is at 1pm, land about 7:45 if all goes as planned.

  5. Bob says:

    Happy to see you all out on my trail. I guess I take the trails for granted since I ride them all the time. They are not really beginner trails. However, you guys came out and rode what you rode, I call that a win!
    Great times were had and since I left the house at 9AM and didn’t get home till 7PM I was also cooked. I think I passed out on the couch by 9:30.

    Sunday Fun Day rides are not as grueling and there are more beer stops. You will have to come up for one of those 🙂

    • Bonnie says:

      It really was a nice trail and overall it wasn’t that hard (when taken slow 😁), there was just a LOT of on-and-off the bike for me because I can’t bunny hop logs and obstacles, and that kind of takes a toll. And I couldn’t get up much speed because I’m extra slow around tight turns and then I couldn’t complete the hill or whatever as you come out of the turns. And like I said in trail trial, I hiked a bike a lot as my confidence level was about zero yesterday; I probably could’ve rode more if I had been in a better state of mind. And my allergies really zapped my strength and stamina.

    • After hike-a-biking more than I wanted (the boulders under the overpass were a challenge too), I finally started getting a little confidence on the flatter sections and paid for it when I fell because I didn’t have enough speed to get over four tree roots. When push comes to shove, I’m a roadie. Give me fifty miles of road over ten miles of trail any day! 😁

  6. Twelve bags of yard waste taken by CoA. 🎉

  7. I really wish dog owners would stop leaving bags of shit in my trash can. The City doesn’t exactly try to get the bag out of the bottom, therefore I have to deal with it.

    And had I known it was in the can I *could* have put it into the larger bag the City did take. Now, I’m either stuck with it for a week, or have to toss it into a City trashcan on Flat Shoals, which is what I think that I am going to do right now…

    • Job done! I feel better, and got a smidgeon of exercise in the process.

    • Barb says:

      Or, put in your neighbors trash can.
      Very nice of you to take it somewhere proper.

      At the Phx airport, eta to Atlanta 7:45pm.
      It will be nice to be home, but we did have a great visit with my sister & family, and vacation too.

  8. I’ve had no drive today. I am logy and all I want to do is lie down and watch TV. There are chores that need to be done!

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