Not much to report today. Yesterday was kinda a wash, I did nothing spectacular nor noteworthy. I did take a trip to Aldi and did a forty minute walk, so there’s that.

Eggs at Aldi were $2.60 a dozen; I passed. I think the last time in bought eggs there, no more than two months ago, there were less than half of that cost.

Speaking of wash, I find myself sitting outside the Waschsalon this morning. I popped into Home Depot to look at rebar, and decided that I should have a definite plan for what I want to do next in WLF before buying more supplies. Steve, if you need tour angle grinder before I can get it back to you, just holler.

Not much on my weekend agenda. Tonight I will putter around WLF doing chores and cook up a dinner with some greens from the farm. The only thing I know that I am doing tomorrow is walking with Betsy and Bella in the morning. And I may do Black Sheep on Sunday, assuming a start it posted somewhere, other than Facebook.

Have a happy and healthy weekend everyone!

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  1. I still can’t edit a blog post on an iPhone? An iPhone FFS!

    The Waschsalon still has a problem with the attendant not opening on time. Currently she/he is almost ten minutes late.

  2. Steve says:

    No rush on the angle grinder. I know where you stay.

    A relegation in the final sprint yesterday, and was a no brainer as the rider certainly veered from his line to impede the rider behind. Besides the placing, it cost him points and cash.

    I finally took a few minutes to check on the CX bike after Sunday’s ride. One link was about halfway apart, and I still had a piece of vine wrapped around the cog. After repair, removal and some lube, a nice but very windy 17 miles. One of those rides where the wind was always coming from the front!!

    Graduation party tonight for the daughter of hunt friends, Brooks RR tomorrow and no plan for Sunday.

    Happy Friday, friends.


  3. Second failure probably a bonus. I am at a ghetto laundromat on Moreland near the ITP Estate. I raced across Moreland to Burger King to buy breakfast, but they still don’t have their shit together, so I bought some food at Kroger instead.

    And I’m dealing with a new injury, a severely tight right calf, way up at the top of the muscle. It’s painful to walk and making it almost impossible to run. 😭

  4. After constantly seeing the waste created by the people who smoke shitty cigars, if I ever start a rap career my rap name will be 2-4-99 (read “2 for 99”). 😂

  5. Bonnie says:

    Posted on Facebook from Cockpit: “For those who are “planners” this Sunday’s trail will be close to town. No hour driving to get there or to take your tipsy butt home from. Will announce soon.”

    Wee, I hope your calf feels better soon!

    Stopped in Columbus in the way home from camping and walked a couple mikes around the downtown and the Chattahoochee River Walk. Impressive! Ate at a small food hall. The River Walk is supposedly 22 miles long.

    My HOA pool and gym more fully reopened today so it’s a free-for-all instead of signing up for slots. We still have to bring our own chairs and no guests allowed. I can deal with the pool but I’m not happy at all about the gym which is just a small unventilated room. No masks required (but recommended). The husband is going to work out this morning but I need to think on it more. Ugh!

    • Thanks for the update.

      Not sure what is wrong with it, but it depresses me that once one injury heals I suffer another. Old age?

      Sounds like you had a great trip.

      If you are bored tonight you know where beers can be consumed. 😁

    • Steve says:

      I hope you at least waved when you went by.

      I/we need to go down and explore Columbus. I see lots of kayakers heading that way. Apparently, they built a great course right through town on the river.

      • Bonnie says:

        It was fun to watch the rafters. I inadvertently videotaped a raft capsizing after going vertical on its end in the “worst” rapids.

  6. Barb says:

    Nothing interesting going on up here in Marietta.
    Nothing much planned for the weekend – meeting a friend at the Marietta Square Saturday, she’s a huge Atl Utd fan, has some sort of event at the training center Saturday afternoon. She lives in Duluth, and loves Australian Bakery, so it is a no brainer.

  7. While on my walk last night I found myself outside the EAV Farmers Market. Unfortunately I didn’t have a mask and am not ready to be someone who never masks up in public, at least for the time being.

    • Barb says:

      Got Allan to go to Gentle Yoga at the Y with me today. His answer after the class “man I’m tight & not good at yoga”. But, he’s glad he went, we will go again, as long as it’s a stretching or gentle class (no flow).

      Now to go buy a $2 lottery ticket…. you can’t win if you don’t play.

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