Had I known how much money I’d be spending on WLF I would have invested in soil companies, or Lowe’s. I was back at Lowe’s yesterday morning to get more soil and manure, in part to fill the new raised bed that is due to arrive today. If I can get my shit together this new bed will be dedicated to brassicas — cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc — and will be netted to attempt to keep out the annoying cabbage white moth. Yesterday I found a handful of the moth’s offspring caterpillars eating the cabbage plants I’ve left out as sacrificial lambs.

It was too hot to do much work in WLF yesterday afternoon. Since I was planning to join Betsy at her house to watch Top Chef I decided to do a civic duty by picking up trash along my walk to her house. I managed to gather a bagful before finding a community trash can in which to deposit my collection.

Betsy raised the Top Chef bar by buying SoBa and bringing it back to her house for us to eat. Tofu, vegetables, and a delicious sauce over jasmine rice? 😋 Speaking of food, my lunch was a box of garlic and Parmesan couscous to which I added an onion, zucchini, and yellow squash; the last two components were sourced from WLF. 🥳

Today I will be out pushing the hipster mower around before the heat arrives. Then I need to do work.

I am planning on joining Bonnie and her husband a Red’s Beer Garden for dinner. Bonnie has yet to claim her free vaccination beer, and needs to do so prior to the offer ending at the end of the month.

Hope you are having a smashing week, as long as the smashing hasn’t been too destructive.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Anyone else who wants to join at Red’s is welcome. I still don’t know what time. Perhaps when the husband wakes up I can shake him down.

  2. In from lawn mowing and farm maintenance. It almost looks as if could rain? It probably will since I just hung three items of clothing out to dry…

    Farm looks okay, I transplanted some okra and hope they are extremely hardy plants since I manhandled them a wee little bit.

  3. Steve says:

    Got a call from the tire place shortly after noon saying the tires had come in. They said “you wanted to pick up the car by 1?” I said no, no rush. She said OK, come by at 4. Great. I wrap up the day, Debbie and I drive up, arriving at 3:45 and the tech is literally just walking out to the car… we went for ice cream and a car wash (a big night on the southside) and still not ready. I cut Debbie loose and waited. At 5:30 the car was ready… these folks are normally on the ball. I don’t know why they were this far off their stride.

    A four day weekend for bofus! I don’t know if we will get into trouble or not. The hunt is having a low country boil on Monday which should be fun.


    • Huh, that’s odd.

      I’d love to extend my weekend, but things are still settling with the acquisition of “XYZ Corp”.

      • Steve says:

        So have they reached out yet? Met the “new boss”?

      • Yes. I’m awaiting my “offer letter” which will outline my salary and role. Sadly I am not eligible for a severance package if either of those don’t satisfy me.

        • Barb says:

          Well bummer on not being eligible for severance.
          But, keep the job & look for a new one if you aren’t happy with it?

          Steve – be glad at least they got the tires done I guess? And next time tell them you will be there at 1.

          • Steve says:

            True dat.

            Take whatever they offer. Easier to find a job when you have one. And who knows, maybe they have something you might like.

          • Weeeell, if I am not keeping the skills I want to use sharp because I am not assigned to a project that uses those skills then I need to leave. This has been my situation the past two months (or so). I am biding my time until I learn more.

        • Yeah, I was hoping for some free money… I am waiting to see what the deal is before I decide what I will do. If push comes to shove I’ll resign and spend the summer retooling myself to get ready to interview again.

  4. Barb says:

    Nothing exciting up here in Cobb, but did go to Schoolhouse Brewery for Sal’s (West Stride) fun run last night. Allan & I walked while the runners ran. Tested a pair of Altra shoes, they didn’t thrill me, not really sure why.

    Planning to have dinner with the in-laws- so rarely see them, even with the across the street.

    • Steve says:

      Please tell TJ and Mary we said hello and we miss seeing them. I hope they are surviving. I assume they got their shots?

  5. Bonnie says:

    Red’s meet up time tonight is 6:30.

  6. Argh, I just received an email from NBC Sports alerting me that the Tour de France will be shown on Peacock Premium this year. This means that if I want to watch I will have to subscribe to that instead of renewing my NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass. 🤨 I’ll have to run the numbers…

    • Steve says:

      I’m pretty sure they will still have it on NBCSN, just not live. I can live a day behind.

    • I was trying to see how much I paid for NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass last year, only to find out that AmEx only keeps the last six months of statements available in its app. My Chase credit card goes back many years.

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