By and large yesterday was just a normal day of work and puttering around WLF. I did have success eating my first snap pea from an underperforming plant and harvesting my first zucchini, that I may incorporate into today’s lunch. And then work ended…

I knew there would come a time where I was going to return to sitting inside a restaurant, I could have never predicted I’d drive all the way to Buford to do so. Buford? Yes. On a lark I decided to join Bonnie on an adventure to join a couple of hashers in playing trivia at their local Mexican restaurant. I also should admit I was jonesing for Mexican food, and was mildly satisfied with the burrito I ate. Our team finished in second place, and I will proudly claim that I was instrumental in answering a few questions. The question that still irks me is that nearly got the name of the first professional baseball team correct. The correct answer to the question is the Cincinnati Red Stockings, but I wrote down “Cincinnati Red Legs”. Poop!

This morning has already been an interesting day. I woke early, not a shocker, and drove up to Lowe’s to buy more compost, not a shocker. I wanted to stop at Dunkin Donuts on Moreland but didn’t want to contribute to the traffic snarl that it creates. On the drive home I got to briefly witness someone getting arrested by Georgia State Patrol on Moreland.

Now that I am back at home I’ve eaten breakfast and am lounging about because I am tired, and a touch sniffly.

Tonight I may head over to Betsy’s to watch Top Chef together.

Hope you are remaining healthy and happy.

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19 Responses to 2021-05-26

  1. Bonnie says:

    Same with me about the inside restaurant situation. I don’t think I’ll make a regular habit of it yet though. I don’t think… Life is hard.

    • For at least a few months it will be case-by-case decision making for me, opting for outdoor seating if possible.

      • Bonnie says:

        By the time I decide to sit inside restaurants and be in crowds like the olden days, my vaccine efficacy will be wearing off… 🤪 I understand “they” still don’t know if we will need boosters, another round, etc.

      • I’ll have to wait for you to get another round before I know that I will need one too… 🙄

  2. In from the morning watering/inspection of WLF and happy to report things are moving along fairly well. Yes, there are some underperforming plants, but hey, it’s my first year… The squash and zucchini are really digging this hot weather, as well as the constant watering that I am giving them. Perhaps next week Mother Nature would be kind enough to give us some nice, soaking rain, but not six inches in two days?

  3. Steve says:

    Buford? That’s just crazy.

    Not much here yesterday, either. Cut grass, helped Debbie put the divider back in her trailer. She went and rode with a friend and was still riding as the sun went down and the moon came up. I told her we won’t see the lunar eclipse on this side of the country and she was disappointed.

    Mountaintop finish today. A nice day for a bike race. Maybe my car will be ready??


    • Crazy, yes. But every once in awhile I have to be crazy, right?

      I forgot about the eclipse. I am not smart enough to understand where and why only certain places can see it. He’s, I know it’s the earth passing between the sun and the moon, but still.

      Oooh, maybe I’ll turn on NBC Sports Gold!

      • Hmmm the NBC coverage doesn’t start until 10:15? 🤨

        • Steve says:

          Picking up the last hour. Once again GCN scores!

          They had a shot of the field and a rider about 20 back waves his hand at the camera moto to move up. When he doesn’t do it, he rides up to the moto- he’s now ahead of the guy pulling the train (who looks over like, WTF dude?) and gives the same hand wave and finally the moto moves forward. Funny.

        • GCN’s coverage wins, but their iOS app sucks. ☹️

  4. Odd question, please answer what you think.

    Was WLF established in 2020, or 2021?

    I did grow a few things last year, but admittedly they were all in milk carton containers.

  5. Because I can’t stream the Giro conveniently I’m now watching a YouTube video of Pink Floyd from 1973, recorded in Atlanta. I didn’t even know that Atlanta existed in 1973! 😂

    All that has changed at rock concerts in the past 48 years is the annoyance of everyone constantly holding up their phones to take photos/videos.

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