This must be good sleeping weather because it’s 6:40am and I’ve just awoken. So much for getting to Lowe’s by 6am today. Lurker has probably put in thirty miles on the bike by now!

Mostly a boring day yesterday. The highlight of the day was bringing food over to Betsy’s for Top Chef. At her house I cooked up some veggie burgers and a medley of vegetables. The meal incorporated some lettuce, zucchini, and green beans from WLF. Woot!

Today should be another boring one until joining my former German classmates for dinner at Kurt’s, a longtime German restaurant in Duluth.

Since I’ve started late I’ll cut this short. Hope you are happy and remaining healthy.

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  1. A clear indication that I ate too much last night, it’s 8:00am and I have not eaten breakfast, nor do I have any hunger.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Last night the husband and I tried the new restaurant in Glenwood Park, Emmy Squared which features Detroit-style pizza but has other menu items too. All we ordered was one pizza to share (as we were trying to be “good”) and it had zero flavor. It was like eating cardboard. I was about to run home to sniff a scented candle to make sure I didn’t have COVID. Everyone who has eaten there has looooved it so it must have been my pizza choice? Or just me? Though, I am not a fan in general of thick pizza. I’m glad I made a reservation because the patio filled up almost immediately upon our 6pm arrival. The inside was nearly empty. The service was excellent. I may go back to try something else, but that place ain’t cheap. Everything on the menu is more pricey than it should be, including the beer. But it is in Glenwood Park, so I shouldn’t be surprised… Why do we live here again? 🤣

    We got a random gift card for Jeni’s ice cream for $6.31 (?) from someone hocking some new apartments on Glenwood so we used that afterward as it is across the street. After a kerfuffle at the register we ended up getting both ice creams free (nearly $11). While I like cones, I never order them because they seem precarious and messy, and indeed that was the case last night. In the thick of COVID they plopped the cone upside down into a cup with a spoon—perhaps I can ask for it “COVID-style” next time? Then I could squish it all up together into a mash. 😋 However, I very rarely eat ice cream out (because I’m cheap) though there are 2 shops mere steps from my house.

    • Bonnie says:

      Oh yeah, the pizza I ordered was the white pizza “Angel Pie: Ricotta, mushrooms, Truffleist mushroom cream.” There just wasn’t much to it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • While I knew it would be expensive, I was hoping the pizza place would be good. 🐀🐀🐀 I guess I’ll be sticking to my amended $2.75 Aldi pies. 😂

      You live here for all of the benefits of being near the ITP Estate of course! 🙄😂

      That credit amount is bizarre. And although you had a kerfuffle, at least your ice cream was free! 🙌🏼

    • Bob says:

      “Detroit style pizza” should have been your first clue 🙂

      When I think of Detroit, pizza is not high on the list of things

  3. Spent an hour puttering. Finally yanked the two napa cabbage (?) plants that have long-since flowered and gone to seed. I left them in the beds because the insects adored their small, yellow flowers. In their place I plopped two more tiny bell pepper plants.

    I was looking forward to having seven different pepper varieties growing this year, thus far only three have ever germinated, and none of those are looking all that enthusiastic to produce vegetables.

  4. Steve says:

    Is Glenwood Park that retail space west of E Atlanta? Still south of 20?

    Free ice cream is still good. There is a Brewster’s we hit on occasion- like when it takes too long to change tires! Debbie is currently of a mind that if you’re going to spend calories on ice cream, it might as well be the good stuff.

    I mowed the front pasture last night. Woke up several bunnies and at least one frog. We need rain. the crabgrass is coming up, but not nearly in enough spots. And likely won’t without some rain.

    Sonny is still being treated as the red headed step child. They all got baths last night, so aren’t quite so dirt colored.

    If I can get out of the office at a reasonable time Saturday, I might try and make it to the end of the hash. A car hash rule 6, a too long and an analversary. I might just try for 4 if I can think of a fourth.


    • YEs Steve. Glenwood Park is the neighborhood created by Charles Brewer, founder of Mindspring. It’s situated just south of I-20 and roughly between Boulevard and Moreland Avenue. It’s a nice neighborhood with prime Beltline access.

    • Bonnie says:

      Steve, someday I will have a little party at the house. Maybe if we ever buy a grill… 🤔🙄😂 I have a couple decent hang-out spaces.

  5. Well this is frustrating, I’m trying to watch the Criterium Dauphine on NBC Sports Gold. My account is active until June 8. I am able to watch on my iPad, but when I tried to watch on my AppleTV it said that the event was not part of my account services. I logged out, and now when I try to activate my device it’s telling me that I need to provide a TV service provider — I don’t have one.

    I was considering signing up for Peacock Plus since that to where NBC is moving their TdF coverage this year. This is a clusterfuck. Fuck it, I just will stop watching their content.

  6. ITP Lurker says:

    Ha! No miles today, yoga class this morning.

  7. Barb says:

    Got a surprise call from Panty Waste yesterday, a client bailed & he had 2 tix to the Braves, Delta 360 club seats. Free food & drinks….. why yes, we could fit that in to our schedule. Braves lost, but fun was had by all.

    Didn’t get to Hankook yesterday, Allan ended up working until about 3pm, Hyox has lots of patients, so they are having 3 dives, not just 2. Maybe next week.

    Newnan- damn that’s a far drive…… hmmmmm

  8. Oh yeah, I’m eating dinner at a German restaurant so I suppose today is going to be a “meat” day. 😂

  9. Steve says:

    So, the vet was just out to see if Daisy’s “baby daddy” got the job done and there was no joy. We knew she has a cyst down in the plumbing, and now that the IVF failed, he recommends getting that removed. A trip to the vet school at Auburn coming up…

  10. That’s a steamy 82ºF outside right now. I went out to do two simple tasks and five minutes in the sun turned on my sweat waterworks.

  11. 3-for-3 having at least one meal with something from WLF — boring details tomorrow. 😂

  12. Steve says:

    The $hit’s getting real around here… the fence guys just dropped a load of fence and T posts. Still waiting on the wood posts for the front. We decided to wait on the fence boards until the price of lumber comes down from the stratosphere.

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